Playing Catch Up

Time to play some catch-up with some pictures. Can you tell my birthday present was getting my computer back up and running. YAY! What a treat.

My computer died right before we went to Fairmont Hot Springs with our extended family for the long weekend. Just some cute shots of the kids. The rest look like the ones from last year.

It was a busy week when he got home from Fairmont, Kia was swamped getting ready for the year end production of Show biz kids. It was all worth it as she was a great shop keeper. It was also something that made me miss having grandparents close by to attend things like this. That weekend we celebrated Roopert's birthday. It had been one year since he'd been our little Roo. Kia made the cute banner for his suitcase bed and I sewed him a little bandanna. The evenings were great in the early part of June and as Northern climate go out and do when the heat shows up. Russ took part in the MS Bike tour the second weekend in June. Here's a shot I took right at the beginning of the race. It would have been interesting to get one 90 km later. :)
Russ and Kia had a great time on the canoe trip. I snapped this picture of them right before they headed out. Life was pretty boring without them. I managed to keep busy by finishing Russyl's scout blanket and doing some gardening. Life is ever busy in June and the last weekend of the month found us double booked with a golf tournament and a hayride. We managed to fit both into the day. Ya that doesn't really look like a golf tournament but we're at a golf course...

Kia finished grade 5 with flying colors. I can't believe how fast elementary school has gone! This photo of Kia walking to school on her last day of grade 5 really makes me see her as a the young lady she has become. We gave our neighbour one of our little paintings for her birthday. She was moved to tears. Canada Day was right around the corner and Kiki spent the day with a friend. Which left Russ and I alone. We managed to get to the parade and watched it with our neighbours. KL and family came over that night and we had dessert before heading to the Canada Day fireworks. Then last week was my birthday. We went to Japanese Village and then walked around the street performer festival in the area. The cake is a dead give away as to how old I turned...Did you see the necklace I'm wearing? Kia bought me two necklaces for my birthday in her travels on Canada Day, with her own limited funds for the day, she spent it on me. What a sweetie.
So there is a quick recap of the past couple months. Phew!

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