Chaos and Calm

I must admit that I have fallen in love, again. Russ still has a strong foothold in this department but a different sort of love, something akin to obsession, now also rules the day. Painting. I've dabbled in the medium all my life. I grew up watching my Mom paint landscapes with oil paints and loved seeing her art hanging throughout our home. Every now and then I'd fill a sketchbook, paint a canvas, explore a new product, then move on. Hey, I might just do that again, but in the meantime, I'm crushing hard on abstract painting. Layers of painted goodness, papers, gels, glazes, water washes of color and whatever other medium strikes my fancy at the time.

As a little birthday gift to myself I've signed up for an online art course (gotta love funds in PayPal). It's over at the Land of Lost Luggage where Julie Prichard has been inspiring me for the past few months. It's kinda like I owe her one for all the free video's I've enjoyed on YouTube of her creating. Just kidding, but not really. I'm really excited about getting some much needed direction in this outlet I so enjoy and even more thankful I can learn in the comfort of my own studio, because apparently I hate leaving the house.

As I type this, thunder is rumbling, rain is falling, Kia is still sleeping and we have an afternoon at West Edmonton Mall planned. Enjoy your Friday!

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