Challenge, anyone?

Roopert is anything but easy these days. Yesterday, Kia and I spent a lovely day out and about, doing a little clothes shopping for her. This year we're trying to spread out the back to school shopping over the summer, and it's proving a great idea as we've scored some sweet deals, but I digress... We returned home to find the front room a crime scene. Vomit and runny doggy poo were spread hither and yon through the room. Gulp.

I was in shock. I checked Roo over to see if was okay, and all seemed to be, er, out of his system. He knew he'd done wrong and was intent on hiding from us, a wise choice. It's hard to be mad at the dog, when really...if you gotta gotta go. But COME ON, the statutes of limitations is up for this month, isn't it? Nope.

Anyway, we turned around and rented a carpet cleaning machine and that about sums up my life ever since. The cause was horrific but the after effects look spectacular and a good steam cleaning of the carpets was long overdue. Still mad about the cause though, especially when he still has the lingering aroma of skunk on him!

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