Capital Ex Parade

I had a couple cute companions on our little adventure downtown to check out the capital ex parade. I've lived here for 7+ years and I've never gone to this parade. Figured it was about time. We decided to take the new LRT system from Southgate Mall to avoid the issues of parking downtown (truly another first). We arrived just as the parade was starting and ended up finding a great spot at the back end of the route. Here are a couple pictures of our outing:

The parade was really long. Two hours from start to finish. A tad too long if you ask me...but then I was sitting against a curb with nothing but a red pashmina to soften the concrete street, that might have had something to do with it. Downtown Edmonton never disappoints, as I ended up asking two swaggering drunks to please move it along when they decided to plant themselves right in front of us. Swaggering drunks they may be, but they were also very obliging and soon stumbled onward, confused but not offended.

In other news: there is still a soft (if that can describe it) skunk smell lingering in the house. Mostly in the lower level Den, because we believe the skunk sprayed Roopert directly under the overhang of the house beside that room. Nice.

After we got home from the parade and put Roopert out for a pee he managed to escape from the backyard (gate was open somehow) and off he went down the street, unbeknown-st to us. Luckily he was found by our friend Toni on Georgia Avenue. Good thing she recognized him because he is still tag free due to the intense skunk smell that is now forever a part of his (eeww, gross, never using again) collar.

Shaking head over the trials and tribulations associated with this dog lately.

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