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Weekend Warrior Baby

Friday, Keeks and I spent almost the entire day at Capital Ex. We were there from opening till 9ish at night. Too much entertainment is our excuse. I must mention that before we left we walked Roopert and the only thing worse than him is the MOSQUITO'S. Help! It was insane, like nothing I've ever experienced. Note to self: don't walk Roopert in the woods, or through grass unless you wish to be eaten alive.

So at Capital Ex we watched the Super Dog show, saw the Chinese Acrobats (who knew you could do so much with a ceramic pot), took in the hypnotist guy (which Kia loved so much) and then went to the semi finals of the talent show. There was a huge storm that night, but we were dry in the ballroom at Northlands when it hit, as we were watching talented youth entertain us, yay!

Our plans for the August long weekend are a bit labour we are renovating the room known as Russyl's office. Today we have removed the junk from this room (applause are truly …

Challenge, anyone?

Roopert is anything but easy these days. Yesterday, Kia and I spent a lovely day out and about, doing a little clothes shopping for her. This year we're trying to spread out the back to school shopping over the summer, and it's proving a great idea as we've scored some sweet deals, but I digress... We returned home to find the front room a crime scene. Vomit and runny doggy poo were spread hither and yon through the room. Gulp.

I was in shock. I checked Roo over to see if was okay, and all seemed to be, er, out of his system. He knew he'd done wrong and was intent on hiding from us, a wise choice. It's hard to be mad at the dog, when really...if you gotta gotta go. But COME ON, the statutes of limitations is up for this month, isn't it? Nope.

Anyway, we turned around and rented a carpet cleaning machine and that about sums up my life ever since. The cause was horrific but the after effects look spectacular and a good steam cleaning of the carpet…

PROJECT: Family Adventure Album

Monday's are craft days around here in the summer. Today we've been scrapbooking up a storm. One of the projects I hope to complete this summer is a giant paper scrapbook documenting our families travels over the past 6 years. It's kinda my homage to scrapbooks of yesteryear, that were cut and paste style without the plastic covering. I'm really loving the simplicity of this project. Kia has been busy making page after page for her own album, I think she's on page number 6 with no signs of stopping.

Capital Ex Parade

I had a couple cute companions on our little adventure downtown to check out the capital ex parade. I've lived here for 7+ years and I've never gone to this parade. Figured it was about time. We decided to take the new LRT system from Southgate Mall to avoid the issues of parking downtown (truly another first). We arrived just as the parade was starting and ended up finding a great spot at the back end of the route. Here are a couple pictures of our outing:

The parade was really long. Two hours from start to finish. A tad too long if you ask me...but then I was sitting against a curb with nothing but a red pashmina to soften the concrete street, that might have had something to do with it. Downtown Edmonton never disappoints, as I ended up asking two swaggering drunks to please move it along when they decided to plant themselves right in front of us. Swaggering drunks they may be, but they were also very obliging and soon stumbled onward, confused but not offended.

In o…


I can't believe this is happening again.
Roopert got sprayed by a skunk. Again. For real. At about 11:20 last night.
He didn't make a sound. No barking madly like last time. Silence followed by stink. I was in the bedroom, smelled skunk and just knew. KNEW. And walking to the back door, the smell was strong! Intensely so, and I had flash backs to last summer. For those of you that have never been present moments after a skunk sprays, it smells like a balloon factory is on fire. It is kinda hard to recognize it as skunk at first, because it is so incredibly overpowering.
He looked gray when I saw him. He seemed to have temporary blindness. I had strong feelings of dread regarding the next 45 minutes. We rinsed him outside with a mixture of vinegar and water then washed him with a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and some Dawn dish detergent. I haven't been able to bring myself to smelling his head yet today, but it seemed to work really well. He ke…

The Weekend

The old saying, "Make hay while the sun shines," about sums up this summer entirely. We seem to get small pockets of lovely weather, immediately followed by long stretches of rainy, thundering, overcast darkness. Saturday was a great day. I hit the gym early, Russ mowed the lawn, Kia...well she probably did speed stacking, and then we went down to Old Strathcona to take in the annual Art Walk.
I didn't want to take photos of the paintings, as you never know what copyright issues you may be infringing on, though I did manage to get one wall of paintings quite by accident. The South side of the street wasn't too busy but when we hit the North end, it was super crowded.

I really enjoyed it, and the time just flew by! You really have to be secure with your child seeing nudes to make this event a family affair. Kia said to me a number of times, "that image is disturbing" and then my eyes would follow her finger as it pointed to a nude painting of a some perf…

Chaos and Calm

I must admit that I have fallen in love, again. Russ still has a strong foothold in this department but a different sort of love, something akin to obsession, now also rules the day. Painting. I've dabbled in the medium all my life. I grew up watching my Mom paint landscapes with oil paints and loved seeing her art hanging throughout our home. Every now and then I'd fill a sketchbook, paint a canvas, explore a new product, then move on. Hey, I might just do that again, but in the meantime, I'm crushing hard on abstract painting. Layers of painted goodness, papers, gels, glazes, water washes of color and whatever other medium strikes my fancy at the time.

As a little birthday gift to myself I've signed up for an online art course (gotta love funds in PayPal). It's over at the Land of Lost Luggage where Julie Prichard has been inspiring me for the past few months. It's kinda like I owe her one for all the free video's I've enjoyed on YouTube of her…

Playing Catch Up

Time to play some catch-up with some pictures. Can you tell my birthday present was getting my computer back up and running. YAY! What a treat.

My computer died right before we went to Fairmont Hot Springs with our extended family for the long weekend. Just some cute shots of the kids. The rest look like the ones from last year.

It was a busy week when he got home from Fairmont, Kia was swamped getting ready for the year end production of Show biz kids. It was all worth it as she was a great shop keeper. It was also something that made me miss having grandparents close by to attend things like this. That weekend we celebrated Roopert's birthday. It had been one year since he'd been our little Roo. Kia made the cute banner for his suitcase bed and I sewed him a little bandanna. The evenings were great in the early part of June and as Northern climate go out and do when the heat shows up. Russ took part in the MS Bike tour the second weekend in June. Here…

Summer laziness

I'm trying to sum up what our days have been like but writing it down will only make us sound like bored surfers with no waves...the weather has been sucking, up until a couple days ago. The sun is shining [finally] and the bored surfers are enjoying alberta, okay this metaphor has lost it's usefullness (which I spelled wrong - whatever). We have one of those soft sided pools (our second thanks to KL who gave us their hand me down when ours died) only this one has Sesame street characters rocking out in scuba gear. I know you're jealous now.
It was quite the undertaking setting that bad boy up. I have spent a lot of time patching holes, emptying the pool, patching, filling, then repeating the process. I think we're good now. It sits right beside the trampoline and the urge to jump in from the trampoline is strong. Though it would probably hurt, there have been known to be some willing jumpers (Bree and Janie).
My vegetable garden is looking so grea…

Thoughts on Miracles

Yesterday I was sitting in church and was listening to a couple opinions on miracles. Basically, sharing stories and experiences that made it seem like their adherence to the gospel had protected them from bad outcomes. Accidents that they walked away from that they shouldn't have but did. I understand the protection they are speaking of, but a part of me baulked.
Some part of what they were saying seemed to be..."we're so special and so worthy, that bad things just don't happen to us." I realize my experience has been very different. I have been the recipient of a few big challenges. Challenges that a miracle would have been very welcome. But the Lord didn't grant those requests in fact, my hearts desire, was not given to me but was taken away.
Miracles were not what I needed. I wanted them. Desperately. But I guess I didn't need them.
I wonder how many other people in that room were like me. Who understand that sometimes you don't need a…