Hey, why not

I was featured in the ward RS newsletter (jealous?) and because I'm so lame at blogging - and could clearly use some filler material...so here's the write up I submitted:

Let’s see if I can squeeze my life into a 8” x 9” slot. I was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta into a family of formidable women and outlaw men. My maiden name is known for both good and evil throughout the badlands of Alberta. My parents made a break for greener venues and I found myself living in Duncan, B.C and later Penticton, which I call home and did most of my growing up.

I spent most of my childhood days roaming the mountains of the Okanogan on my motorbike and my teenage years lying on the beaches of Penticton, swimming and windsurfing the summer away and in the winter months, longing for the time I could do it again. I buried both my parents in Penticton, and my love for the Okanogan valley has become deep, true and bittersweet.

The mid 1990’s found me in Calgary, where I chose to stay and enjoy the strength of the young adult ward. Russ and I were married in 1997, which found him in his final year of school (he’s a Civil Engineer Tech) and me managing a downtown Chiropractic clinic. Our daughter was born, a preemie at 27 weeks, in 1999 and a few solid years of oxygen tanks, hearing tests, ROP follow-ups, and countless other medical supports followed hot in the heels of her birth.

We moved to Edmonton in 2003, in the hopes of new career opportunities for Russ and more importantly, through prayer we knew it was what we were supposed to do. Truly, we all feel that Edmonton and Sherwood Park have become home to us even though the Calgary Flames will forever be our team.

People always ask me what I do but really if you want to know me, then you want to know what I love. I love art, handmade items, snapshots, music, the terrible two’s, ribbon, quilts, corduroy couches, overgrown gardens, chipped dinner plates, laminating things, reading books all day, never doing laundry, bedtime hugs and kisses, laughing until I cry, writing stories, shiny Sunday shoes, my scriptures, singing time, Mia Maids, tall blonde guys named Russyl and my sweet sweet girl. If you made me pick a place to eat, we’d go get sushi. I could spend the entire day looking at paintings, and the next day making a mess in my studio because I was so inspired the day before.

My favourite scripture of the moment is Romans 12:2. It reminds me that I need spiritual goals in my life and the importance of becoming a unique daughter of God. Like the formidable women of my youth, in all things I strive to see God’s creative hand.

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