Canoe Trip

Today has been all about digging through the storage room in search of gear for the weekend. Russ and Kia are joining some friends from our ward on a two day canoe trip down the Red Deer River around the Drumheller area. It's a trial run for young women's camp this summer which will see the girls spending 4 days on the river. Sounds like quite an adventure!

Russ is recovering from his biking adventure this weekend although he is quite saddle sore today, I'm fairly certain he will survive. But the most shocking news of all is Kia is almost done grade 5! I can hardly believe it and it kinda feels like a strange truth I can't grasp. Like a joke and I don't get the punch line. This, we will also survive.

Considering this is my blog I should update you on what's happening in my life...(crickets chirping)... umm, Ribbon Wands is keeping me busy and I'm hoping to add a few new items to the shop over the summer all ribbon based but more varied (you'll just have to wait and see). The computer issues are constantly hindering my goals but at the same time freeing up hours of time for other pursuits. The sun occasionally shines and sees me out in the garden. The gym greets me on a regular basis, books fill too many hours with reading, the house is in ill repair, my studio is my greatest happiness and eventually when the computer thing is resolved I'll have way to many things to share. Until then...

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