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Pre Canada Day

It's official. My career as a Canada Day themed manicurist will stay just a pipe dream. Too bad because I was really going to be in demand one day a year. Sadly I don't seem to have the talent for painting a maple leaf with a nail polish brush. Live and learn, eh?
Russ and I are going to be childless on Canada Day morning. I have no idea what we'll do (er, wink wink). Probably housework with great Canadian like panache.
I hope to share some photos, taken over the last month or so, in a few days as I have dozens worthy to share, and I may even have the means to do it.
Off to have an evening out with the Big Guy. Enjoy your day Canadian buddies.

Linky Love

I love this fabric book cover at the Yards and Yards blog. I almost feel guilty for sharing this website...I really feel that artists need to be compensated for their skill. That being said, I like a deal as much as the next gal. Indiefixx is a free art site where you can download and use all the images available for your own desires. Here's a great recipe for making your own Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub it's over at Stephanie Lynn's website. Sumo Sweet Stuff is a great little site or anyone interested in sewing tutorials for little ones. Too many to mention. Canadian Living magazine has some fun craft ideas for Canada Day. I love the Canada Day scavenger hunt and think I may put one together for our Canada gathering.

Gearing up for Week One of Summer Vacation

Only a few days till school is over for us. What a fast year!

Our first week off school is the laziest week of summer you could imagine! We lounge the day away in our pajamas. Yup, that's it, that's usually all we do. Why fight the inevitable I say, so I've planned lots of scrapbooking projects to fill up the lazy afternoons. Scrapbooking requires little grooming and is not outfit specific. We haven't scrapbooked around here for almost 3 years so filling up some hours with stickers, photos, ribbon, journaling and funsies should be an easy thing.
Canada Day also falls at the end of next week and I have two kitchen projects for us to work on in preparation for the big day. I purchased Kia a cookbook of her own and our goal is to have her preparing at least one meal a week.
Organizing the school notebooks and left over supplies usually takes up more time than we expect, but it's best to get it done right away. Kia also has plans for us to paint her bedroom a new c…

The weekend - Pop's Day

Russ and Kia spent Thursday to Saturday on a little canoe expedition from Stettler to Drumheller on the middle section of the Red Deer river. They say it was beyond beautiful. I wouldn't know. I was home missing them. :) Though I did have a fun girls night with healthy helpings of peach cobbler to nurse my loneliness with. The drover also helped.
Keeping our handmade tradition, Russ received a bird feeder made by Kia and an (almost finished) scout badge blanket from me with a woodworking magazine to encourage more projects made by Russ. We had a chocolate trifle, after a dinner of potato packets and grilled teriyaki pork loin with a garden salad. Oh and of course, Dad's rootbeer to drink. :)

One year with Roo

Hard to believe that this little turd ball has been with us for a whole year. To celebrate we had a whole day of birthday festivities planned. One of which was an off leash walk, pre-rainstorm in what looks like the wasteland of the world, but is really quite beautiful in a dark, swarthy way. Oh, was hurricane windy.

I have more cute birthday pics from the day...just gotta find and upload. Till then, take care.

Hey, why not

I was featured in the ward RS newsletter (jealous?) and because I'm so lame at blogging - and could clearly use some filler here's the write up I submitted: Let’s see if I can squeeze my life into a 8” x 9” slot. I was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta into a family of formidable women and outlaw men. My maiden name is known for both good and evil throughout the badlands of Alberta. My parents made a break for greener venues and I found myself living in Duncan, B.C and later Penticton, which I call home and did most of my growing up. I spent most of my childhood days roaming the mountains of the Okanogan on my motorbike and my teenage years lying on the beaches of Penticton, swimming and windsurfing the summer away and in the winter months, longing for the time I could do it again. I buried both my parents in Penticton, and my love for the Okanogan valley has become deep, true and bittersweet.
The mid 1990’s found me in Calgary, where I chose to stay and enjoy th…

Canoe Trip

Today has been all about digging through the storage room in search of gear for the weekend. Russ and Kia are joining some friends from our ward on a two day canoe trip down the Red Deer River around the Drumheller area. It's a trial run for young women's camp this summer which will see the girls spending 4 days on the river. Sounds like quite an adventure!
Russ is recovering from his biking adventure this weekend although he is quite saddle sore today, I'm fairly certain he will survive. But the most shocking news of all is Kia is almost done grade 5! I can hardly believe it and it kinda feels like a strange truth I can't grasp. Like a joke and I don't get the punch line. This, we will also survive.
Considering this is my blog I should update you on what's happening in my life...(crickets chirping)...umm, Ribbon Wands is keeping me busy and I'm hoping to add a few new items to the shop over the summer all ribbon based but more varied (you'll just…

MS Bike Tour Results

Well we did it! We reached our fundraising goal and surpassed it. In fact as I type this we are $64 away from doubling our goal of $250. Thank you, thank you, thank's never fun to ask for money, even when it's a good cause, I know times are tough for so many right now and I have guilt for even putting it out there. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your support.