Week in Review - 1st planting

I finished my annual reading of "Under the Tuscan Sun". Sigh. It had me imagining all sorts of alternate lifestyles I could be living. Alas, one must bloom where they are planted. In the book she always talks about the amazing Italian light. I realized that we have some pretty beautiful light right here:
Morning light in the backyard is so vibrant. Still too chilly to be outside enjoying it for any length of time though.
The light through the trees in the backyard were lovely one evening that I was working the soil in the raised beds. I went inside and noticed it wasn't too shabby in there either - excuse my messy front room - it's gardening season, housework is a write-off. The soil has been turned and I've managed to do some planting in these beds already. All that work and plant imaginings had me yearning for a yummy salad.
What would a series of week in review shots be without some photographs of food? We have a cupcake bakery in town called, Hey Cupcake and this was the yummiest one of the lot. Banana cream cupcake. SO GOOD. Loved the banana puree pudding center. Heaven.Now back to work!I planted 4 varieties of potatoes and my first batch of peas are in. Carrots and radishes are next. It goes without saying, that I LOVE my gardening table!Some herbs found their way into a couple planters around the yard. They've already grown so much since I planted them earlier this week!More inspiration from Under the Tuscan Sun. I feel so granny chic. Bring on the doilies.
Kia tormenting Roo. They have been quite the pair this week. One night they played tag in the backyard for almost entire hour. They were both exhausted afterwards. I couldn't believe how into it Roo was. Very cute.
The evenings have been mild - which is a welcome change. I love how the backyard looks at night. Gotta love early spring when the moths aren't quite up to their summer time snuff. Light can be enjoyed rather than become bug magnets.
It was large item garbage day this week and my neighbours house made me laugh everytime I looked at it. A washer and dryer might make a most useful sidewalk item.
Remember when I said I was on the lookout for a pot to use for firewood storage. FOUND IT.
Kia soaking up some rays in the backyard after school. What a teenager in the making.

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