Firewood Storage Ideas

I'm on the lookout for some fun firewood storage ideas to implement in the backyard by the firepit. My search did not disappoint. Budget wise, I'll probably just purchase a large potting container from Costco and re purpose it with firewood. Though, these ideas let my imagination roam.
This entire site was rocking for ideas. The designers created an entire furniture line around the concept of firewood storage. Cool.
Where can I get a wooden milk crate? Cuz I wants one.
Lots of log baskets and firewood racks to be found here. I really loved the look of this vintage copper bucket.
Um...these rock. Nothing like some industrial zinc firewood holders to complete the look.
I adore neatly cut wood piled perfectly at the entrance of a house. Reminds me of life at a ski hill. Hey, if you have any links of other great ideas - please pass them along!

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