Blue Skies Smiling At Me.

Ah, another Mother's day survived and conquered. Not a big fan of this day on the calendar, but I am a fan of being a Mom, so the cup is still half full. My family made charming efforts towards making it a special day and really, what more could a Mom ask for?

Lots of things to do this week, as I'm sure you can all relate. Since there are no stories to tell or thoughts to be shared, I'll leave you with a few photos from yesterday. I really need to get better with my Week in Review photos! My excuse has been lack of batteries, but now that I remedied that, I have no excuses.KiKi and I took Roopert for a walk. We stopped at her favorite tree for a few photos...Roopert was quite tuckered out from our walk, he's only been getting about 5 walks a week. Last year he was averaging 12. So after our walks he's pretty wasted...lots of panting. Kia loves how he looks when he's panting, it's the only time he looks like he's smiling. As we were returning from our walk I smelt the delicious scent of a campfire and hoped that it was our firepit going and Russ had surprised me with a Mother's Day firepit night. He hadNOT, so I did one myself. :) I love me an afternoon by the fire.

Kia and Russ DID however work hard on a Mother's Day meal that was fit for a queen. Barbecue potato packets with fresh veggies on the side, yum!I've been buying tulips lately whenever I find a good sale, which has been often. Two bunches for $5.00 and I can't resist!The trees seem slow to bud this year, but it's probably just my impatience. The garden is slowly coming to life though and I hope to get some early planting days in within the week. Hope you all had a great Mother's Day and have a productive week.

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