Behind the times

Hey all.

Blogging has taken a back seat lately mainly due to some computer problems we're having on the family computer. Like it's totally been undone by a virus. This has caused me to use the MacBook - which I enjoy, but hate (HATE) typing on laptops. I miss my computer, my keyboard and the like. Yes, I can hook a keyboard up to this badboy and go on my merry way, but I'm too busy feeling sad about not having my computer at my beck and call. So spoiled!

In the meantime, life is pretty darn good. Maybe not for Russ who is currently spending a very wet Saturday at an all day Cuboree, but I'm nice and dry! We had a lovely long weekend at and in the Fairmont Hot Springs and we are no longer pastey white Canadians. As any good Austen novel would tell you, the waters much improved my constitution. On that happy thought, and because I can't bear another moment typing on this keyboard, I'll sign off.

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