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Behind the times

Hey all.
Blogging has taken a back seat lately mainly due to some computer problems we're having on the family computer. Like it's totally been undone by a virus. This has caused me to use the MacBook - which I enjoy, but hate (HATE) typing on laptops. I miss my computer, my keyboard and the like. Yes, I can hook a keyboard up to this badboy and go on my merry way, but I'm too busy feeling sad about not having my computer at my beck and call. So spoiled!
In the meantime, life is pretty darn good. Maybe not for Russ who is currently spending a very wet Saturday at an all day Cuboree, but I'm nice and dry! We had a lovely long weekend at and in the Fairmont Hot Springs and we are no longer pastey white Canadians. As any good Austen novel would tell you, the waters much improved my constitution. On that happy thought, and because I can't bear another moment typing on this keyboard, I'll sign off.

Week in Review - 1st planting

I finished my annual reading of "Under the Tuscan Sun". Sigh. It had me imagining all sorts of alternate lifestyles I could be living. Alas, one must bloom where they are planted. In the book she always talks about the amazing Italian light. I realized that we have some pretty beautiful light right here:
Morning light in the backyard is so vibrant. Still too chilly to be outside enjoying it for any length of time though.
The light through the trees in the backyard were lovely one evening that I was working the soil in the raised beds. I went inside and noticed it wasn't too shabby in there either - excuse my messy front room - it's gardening season, housework is a write-off. The soil has been turned and I've managed to do some planting in these beds already. All that work and plant imaginings had me yearning for a yummy salad.
What would a series of week in review shots be without some photographs of food? We have a cupcake bakery in town called, Hey Cupcake…

Garden Lust

The movie "It's Complicated" is okay, but the garden - oh the garden (okay and the kitchen - which her character hates and is remodeling - why?)...I am in love. Drooling. Coveting. Adoring.Meryl gets her Martha on.
The garden in the movie is a throwback to the classic Potager Gardens of France and Italy. Lovely ornamental vegetable and flower gardens outside the kitchen door. So charming and so making a comeback - can you blame it? Finally something hip that I'm totally into. Oh so charming. Oh so much work. I even found a lovely little blog called The Greenhouse, that follows one ladies lovely little life in her potager garden. So very pretty!

Firewood Storage Ideas

I'm on the lookout for some fun firewood storage ideas to implement in the backyard by the firepit. My search did not disappoint. Budget wise, I'll probably just purchase a large potting container from Costco and re purpose it with firewood. Though, these ideas let my imagination roam.
This entire site was rocking for ideas. The designers created an entire furniture line around the concept of firewood storage. Cool.
Where can I get a wooden milk crate? Cuz I wants one.
Lots of log baskets and firewood racks to be found here. I really loved the look of this vintage copper bucket.
Um...these rock. Nothing like some industrial zinc firewood holders to complete the look.
I adore neatly cut wood piled perfectly at the entrance of a house. Reminds me of life at a ski hill. Hey, if you have any links of other great ideas - please pass them along!

Blue Skies Smiling At Me.

Ah, another Mother's day survived and conquered. Not a big fan of this day on the calendar, but I am a fan of being a Mom, so the cup is still half full. My family made charming efforts towards making it a special day and really, what more could a Mom ask for?

Lots of things to do this week, as I'm sure you can all relate. Since there are no stories to tell or thoughts to be shared, I'll leave you with a few photos from yesterday. I really need to get better with my Week in Review photos! My excuse has been lack of batteries, but now that I remedied that, I have no excuses.KiKi and I took Roopert for a walk. We stopped at her favorite tree for a few photos...Roopert was quite tuckered out from our walk, he's only been getting about 5 walks a week. Last year he was averaging 12. So after our walks he's pretty wasted...lots of panting. Kia loves how he looks when he's panting, it's the only time he looks like he's smiling. As we were returning from …

Bedding Plant Sale for MS

Saturday, May 15thin the parking lot of Fillmore Construction (9114 - 34A Avenue, Edmonton) there will be a bedding plant sale in support of the MS Society of Canada. A plant sale order form is available for all those interested in what is available and possibly making a preorder. If you would like a copy pleasecontact me through Facebook with your email information and I can forward it to you, or leave a message in the comments.

The event starts at 9:00am. Compost is also available at $1.00 per bag (Safeway shopping bag size) Hot dogs, burgers and pop will also be available throughout the day. This is a Happy Fillmore team fund raising effort and all proceeds will be going to the MS Society of Canada. Mark your calendars and please drop on by!

Why I'm Mad at Everybody Today by Nikki

Source for image.
Last night in my dream my fingers swelled to a massive and alarming size. Both hands. Massive sausage like beefy fingers. My ring bursting off my fingers due to their mammoth size. No. One. Would. Help. Me. I ended up getting myself to the hospital. Still...Nobody. Would. Help. Me. At a hospital. Could they not see, how abnormal, and needy I was? Clearly, the hospital staff in my dreams are quite useless. So I did what every renaissance girl would do, I operated on myself. With my massive sausage fingers I operated on my other fat fingered hand and did nothing but mutter angry little sentiments of abandonment to myself. Others might focus on the fact they performed surgery under distress with successful results, not me. I'm mad that nobody helped me.

Isn't that picture gross? It makes me laugh and disgusts me all at the same time. Sorry, but I couldn't resist sharing it.

Don't worry, I forgive you for not helping me.

What a mess...

Anyone else getting alarmed at all these massive world events?

MS Fundraising

This cute lady is my Mom and the baby she's admiring just happens to be me. She passed away 23 years ago from complications that arose while she battled Multiple Sclerosis. In her honor, Russ and I are taking part in the MS Bike Tour this year along with many of his Fillmore co-workers. In our little team of two, he's the muscle and I'm helping with the fundraising end.

This is his webpage for the event. If you can donate anything, it would most appreciated (for donations of $20 and more, tax receipts are issued). A cure is getting closer with every day and with every dollar. Donations can be made HERE. Russ has set a modest goal of $250, I hope you can help us reach it. Thanks so much.

I miss her.