Week in Review

Signs of spring are visible to the naked eye. FINALLY! Even found some little sprouts fighting for life in the back garden. I suppose I should help them out and do some trimming. The backyard looks ready for some work. Logan Bates landscaping crew came in on Wednesday and did a spring clean-up. I think they did a fantastic job. Best part, being THEY did and not me. I love yard work, but spring clean up this year was epic. SO many branches and leaves, and we just don't have the equipment to aerate, de-thatch and the like. It was lovely to have someone do it all and haul the junk away. Helped the Relief Society make graduation quilts for all the young women graduating this year...8 in total. Such a sweet gift for the girls. Still lots of painting projects on the go. Always some sort of paint stain to be found on my person. It's my signature accessory.
Russ has been building me a gardening table made out of cedar. I didn't even have to ask for it, and I LOVE it to pieces, even though it's not quite finished, I'm having epic fantasies about all the wonderful projects I'm going to complete with my new gardening bench.
One of my geekitudes is making my own laundry detergent. The last batch didn't turn out and so I'm at it again much sooner than normal. This batch is super goopy and kinda looks like a giant vat of lemon curd. Speaking of lemon curd...
I made a lovely batch of lemon squares, which Kia and I have been enjoying immensley.
New cell phone. New number too, so if you have my old one, ditch it. I kinda love my new orange phone. Note the 12:34 on the box...it was like a sign. This phone must be yours...it's orange and it has your daily sequence on it.
Roo mucking about in the garden. We have doggy wipes by the back door as he constantly needs his feet wiped down upon reentry to the house.
Miss Kia in the shadows. Liked it for some reason. She went to the mall with her best friend from school. Just the two of them. It was very hard for me to let this happen, but they were fine and loved shopping without parents, and spending money without us questioning every purchase. Breathe. I'm going to survive this.
Cupcakes help. Taken medicinally of course.
In parting, a shot of Roo, doing what Roo does second best. Snooze the day away. First best is barking at everything, of course!

Photos we missed: Our Sunday walk at south cooking lake, going to see "How to Train your Dragon", watching the entire first season of Full House, tomato - basil and mozzarella salad - which we've eaten constantly this week, Kia watching Avatar for the first time, speed stacking, Kia riding her scooter every evening.

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