Week in Review

The fireban didn't sink it's teeth into our fun last Saturday. Dude, the fire smelt so good! The smell in the den reminded me of the Jasper Park Lodge...oh happiness, made for an enjoyable afternoon watching general conference down there. One of my top 3 smells in the entire world can be found in that beautiful Lodge.
Kia spent hours upon hours kicking the soccer ball around the yard and against the fence. The constant banging sound reminded me Spring had sprung.
Um...I may have splurged and taken some time to go to the spa. Maybe.
No snow! WOO HOO. Sadly today it no longer looks like this. :(
I actually found time to visit the library and look at magazines. Feeling the urge to scrapbook again. It's only been 2 years! Yes, really.
Lots of photos of Kia and her cute hair. Dad went to cubs and we went crazy with curling irons. She really has the best hair. EVER.
I tried to channel her hair cuteness throughout the week, but alas, the God of hair didn't see fit to bless me as abundantly as her, well I have the abundance, just not the smoothness. I'm okay with this, if I have to be...I guess.
Kia and I both think we are the whitest people in the world and look like we're ghosts. Time for some sunshine to add some color to our pastyness. Thanks for pointing that out to us...week in review photos.

P.S. We really did celebrate Easter. Just didn't take any photos. My bad.

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