This and that

  • Each of us had bad dreams last night. Kia's was by far, the worst one, as she dreamed one of my brothers killed my Dad, right in front of her at a family reunion. Russ dreamt Shaw cable phoned to tell us we were fined $10,000 and I didn't care and only wanted him to get off the phone so we could have family prayers, and I dreamt I need a life saving surgery that would cost us $100,000 and Russ was all, "that's too much money, gonna miss you." Needless to say Russ and I are annoyed with one another due to our bed dream selves behavior. We barbecued for the first time, so I'm blaming the chicken for the nocturnal hi-jinks.
  • We just got back from a Sunday drive and walk. We went to a sandy spot on the South east corner of Cooking Lake and walked Roopert....OFF LEASH. The fact that there was not another living soul in sight bolstered our confidence. He did so great and it was fun to see him run and run and run. I brought my camera, so excited for photos, but forgot an SD card. I am still mad about it.
  • Our ward is on the verge of splitting. Between Nottingham and us we need 17 more members to move in before Salt Lake splits us. I've never been in a ward that has split, and I'm kinda curious to see what comes of it.
  • Russ is building me a gardening table. He has almost everything he needs and much of Saturday was spent cutting and measuring cedar. I didn't even have to ask for it. Lucky me!
  • I swept out the garage workshop on Saturday and found an alarming amount of dead ladybugs, and two peanut shells. Did we have a squirrel visitor in there, that is a serial ladybug killer?
  • I can't tell you how welcome this warm spring weather is. To be outside enjoying the fresh air is really such a sweet blessing to us winter worn people. Happy happy. In fact we ate our first supper outside yesterday - wasp free of course - cuz, dude, it's only APRIL!

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