Down the Rabbit Hole

I love gardens. You know this about me. Most of all, I love little touches of magic and whimsy in the garden. The lovely new potting table that Russ built me took me deep down the rabbit hole of searches on the interweb and I figured I'd share some of my finds. Here's to a magic garden of your own!

A few well loved potting tables that make me smile (but mines better):
I discovered the wonderful website of Odd Limited and all their wonderfully quirky and original creations and have oodles of images that set off fireworks of happiness in my brain:
This swinging rocker comes in so many wonderful, whimsical designs. LOVE!Every yard needs a tee pee!
I wanna live on a farm! Yes, more images from Odd Limited.
Candlelight gardens. How divine.
While we're at it, let's admire some beautifully lit night gardens.
So then this got me thinking about outdoor wonderful it would be to have a place to dream outside:Source and further info on the Float bed above designed by David Trubridge.And of course, this got me thinking about Bali. I love thee.
Back to to the gym.

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