Back to reality

Time to get back into the swing of things, but happy to have enjoyed a week of internet hooky (with a few cheats). Spent the better part of this morning, sweating and panting at a gym class that is far beyond my abilities. I'm that girl in the class that makes everyone else feel fit and healthy. Someday the tables will be turned, or so I keep imagining.

I'm trying to find some motivation to do some writing. It's been a couple weeks since I sat down in earnest, and all the reading I've been doing the past week has left me eager to get to it. Spring break has reminded me how I love books. Russ has suggested I get an electronic book reader, but I love everything about books, the dog eared pages, the smell, the weight in my hand, the cover artwork, the look of the spine on my bookshelf and I don't think the ease of an electronic reader could make up for these qualities I so adore.

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