Art Gallery of Alberta

Spring break often provides delightful outings and day trips. Wednesday found us downtown at the brand spanking new Art Gallery of Alberta. It really is something to behold with all it's silver shininess and curvy lines...needless to say it stands out against the stark, even lines of downtown Edmonton.No camera's allowed in the art exhibits due to copyright infringement, but we did take a few out in the main areas of the gallery.

Kia enjoyed videotaping with her new and very first iPod (that she saved up for the past 3 months). She looks like such a teenager in this photo. Outside on the third floor balcony we snapped a few more...

The closest we could come to a photo of the two of us. :) We loved the Degas exhibit. Especially this beautiful pastel, there was just something about it - this online scan does not do it justice:
Image credit: Edgar Degas, Two Dancers, c. 1896-99, Pastel, 16 ¼ x 13 inches. Private Collection.

Afterwords we went out for Gelato. Yum. Kia had caramel and I had strawberry. So good. Too good.
So this spring break, we especially love that the snow is almost entirely gone, and we can be outside!
In closing, here are a couple mac photo booth shots of our new haircuts...that probably look the same as usual. We also hit the art stores in town today in search of an awl. No luck. :(Kia should look a bit different as she has bangs. Long ones. Now, I'll get off the internet again. I promise. P.S. Happy April Fool's Day!

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