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The Gardening Table that Russ Built

I'm over the moon in love with this work bench/potting table that Russ built me out of the blue. It is the prettiest! I can't wait to fill it with little odds and ends as I muck about with my spring planting projects.
I'm trying to figure out where this bad boy is going to live. I like the idea of it being close to the vegetable garden, which means I might have to move the barbeque. Rearranging is in order!
I hope to have a sieve area where the open slates are below. Something for me to sift compost through would be most helpful. A couple buckets of homemade potting mix will fit nicely on that bottom shelf...
Really, it's just so pretty, I feel like the luckiest girl. Thanks babe, I ADORE it!

Down the Rabbit Hole

I love gardens. You know this about me. Most of all, I love little touches of magic and whimsy in the garden. The lovely new potting table that Russ built me took me deep down the rabbit hole of searches on the interweb and I figured I'd share some of my finds. Here's to a magic garden of your own!

A few well loved potting tables that make me smile (but mines better):
I discovered the wonderful website of Odd Limited and all their wonderfully quirky and original creations and have oodles of images that set off fireworks of happiness in my brain:
This swinging rocker comes in so many wonderful, whimsical designs. LOVE!Every yard needs a tee pee!
I wanna live on a farm! Yes, more images from Odd Limited.
Candlelight gardens. How divine.
While we're at it, let's admire some beautifully lit night gardens.
So then this got me thinking about outdoor wonderful it would be to have a place to dream outside:Source and further info on the Float bed above designed by Da…

Week in Review

Signs of spring are visible to the naked eye. FINALLY! Even found some little sprouts fighting for life in the back garden. I suppose I should help them out and do some trimming. The backyard looks ready for some work. Logan Bates landscaping crew came in on Wednesday and did a spring clean-up. I think they did a fantastic job. Best part, being THEY did and not me. I love yard work, but spring clean up this year was epic. SO many branches and leaves, and we just don't have the equipment to aerate, de-thatch and the like. It was lovely to have someone do it all and haul the junk away. Helped the Relief Society make graduation quilts for all the young women graduating this year...8 in total. Such a sweet gift for the girls. Still lots of painting projects on the go. Always some sort of paint stain to be found on my person. It's my signature accessory.
Russ has been building me a gardening table made out of cedar. I didn't even have to ask for it, and I LOVE it to…


Just checking in. I've been so pulled inward lately, that I feel a little dazed around this time of the day. I have too many fun projects on the go. Things I can't even tell you because I'll spoil surprises and gifts I actually have the chance of completing. My only complaint is that my time flies. Six hours seems to warp speed in the blink of an eye and suddenly I hear Kia walking in the door calling, "Mom." I'm continually surprised that it could possibly be time for her to be home already. It takes me an hour or two to acclimate myself to reality and the tasks of the house. Daily jet lag, creative lag, reality lag, Nikki lag, whatever it is...the force is strong with it.

This and that

Each of us had bad dreams last night. Kia's was by far, the worst one, as she dreamed one of my brothers killed my Dad, right in front of her at a family reunion. Russ dreamt Shaw cable phoned to tell us we were fined $10,000 and I didn't care and only wanted him to get off the phone so we could have family prayers, and I dreamt I need a life saving surgery that would cost us $100,000 and Russ was all, "that's too much money, gonna miss you." Needless to say Russ and I are annoyed with one another due to our bed dream selves behavior. We barbecued for the first time, so I'm blaming the chicken for the nocturnal hi-jinks. We just got back from a Sunday drive and walk. We went to a sandy spot on the South east corner of Cooking Lake and walked Roopert....OFF LEASH. The fact that there was not another living soul in sight bolstered our confidence. He did so great and it was fun to see him run and run and run. I brought my camera, so excited for photos, bu…

Little Maria Painting

I'm having so much fun lately in my studio. Between painting and writing and sunshine and even laundry, something has just clicked and I feel as though I've hit my stride. Really, this could just the giddy side of myself speaking that is just so thrilled it seems winter is behind us. Whatever it is...I'm going with it.

I've had a little project take flight over the past two days and I thought I'd share. One of the sweet young women I know got the lead role in her school's production of West Side Story. Yup, she's Maria. How fun is that? I happened to have an old script book from the play lying around that was partially destroyed and instead of tossing it I salvaged some pages and used them as a collage background for a painting.

It's strange how we feel pulled to do things. I worried about what her sister, or other young women would think about me giving her a painting and not them. In the end, I hope they're cool with it, because I know thi…

Some Inspiration

Fall, 2008, Peter Callesen, artist
210 x 240 x 70 cm 140 gsm acid free paper, and glue Half Way Through, 2006, Peter Callesen, artist
Acid free A4 115 gsm paper, pencil, and glueHalf Way Through, 2006 - Peter Callesen, artist
Acid free A4 115 gsm paper, pencil, and glueThe art of Peter Callesen has got to be some of the coolest stuff I've seen in ages. So simple in it's vision, but what a feat of creativity and dedication to produce. I highly recommend you go check out his work and think about what one can accomplish with scissors, paper, pencil and some glue.

Thrift store finds

The older I get the harder it is to plan fun things for my family to do on weekends. Russ has suggested that it is now time to buy some toys, and have more outings (ie. motorbikes and ski trips). He's kind of on to something but don't let him know that, K?

This weekend we checked out a little strip of showhomes and then headed into Edmonton to scope out some thrift stores we haven't been to for some time. We ended up with a silver candle-abra-thingy (that holds 5 candles), a couple pez dispensors for Kia's collection, a green purse, and the rest was pretty much books...two of which will soon become art journals.

So what do you all do on the weekends?

Week in Review

The fireban didn't sink it's teeth into our fun last Saturday. Dude, the fire smelt so good! The smell in the den reminded me of the Jasper Park Lodge...oh happiness, made for an enjoyable afternoon watching general conference down there. One of my top 3 smells in the entire world can be found in that beautiful Lodge.
Kia spent hours upon hours kicking the soccer ball around the yard and against the fence. The constant banging sound reminded me Spring had sprung.
Um...I may have splurged and taken some time to go to the spa. Maybe.
No snow! WOO HOO. Sadly today it no longer looks like this. :(
I actually found time to visit the library and look at magazines. Feeling the urge to scrapbook again. It's only been 2 years! Yes, really.
Lots of photos of Kia and her cute hair. Dad went to cubs and we went crazy with curling irons. She really has the best hair. EVER.
I tried to channel her hair cuteness throughout the week, but alas, the God of hair didn't see fit to …