Week in Review - March already

The groomed pooch in all his hairless glory. Russ says he looks like a rat. I disagree, but will say his ears look massive now! He is so soft and has been getting tons of attention with his new do.
I don't know if I ever showed the damask wallpaper we hung in KiKi's room under her loft bed. Here it is, with a the girl who loves it. I must add that I learned a lot from this wallpapering experience...1) Less is more. 2) Sometimes, you just need to do something to figure out how it's done. 3) Their are bigger things to fear than wallpaper.
She's been all about her bedroom this week, and we've taken photos of her with past school projects so I could recycle them and she could keep the memory. Today is a professional day and we had big plans of meeting Dad for a lunch date but she's woken up with horrible sinus problems and puffy eyes, so we're home bound for the day. :(
My big purchase of the week...a new ironing board. Watch out Martha. My old ironing board was a sad little water stained mess. Leanne, do you remember the old ironing board hand me down you gave us like 12 years ago? This is the one of which I speak - we used it well! The darling thing was so squeaky it had me kicked out of a service project once. The new one doesn't squeak, or have big brown water stains, or past history with another family member, and other than that I can think of lots of other things I'd rather spend $25 bucks on.
In closing, here's one of Roo making a wish: We think he's wishing for cookies or maybe to have all his hair back! I have lots of other photo's I should share, but my puffy eyed sick kid beckons. Have a good one!

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