Week in Review - Green Week

Another week has flown by. This one in a blur of cleaning liquids and art supplies. I guess keeping busy is the key to fulfillment but it sure does make life feel like a whirlwind. Due to the spring cleaning theme of the week I hardly took any photos...here are a few that I did manage to take.
Kia discovered watercolor crayons this week and has not looked back. She adores them. They are much more paint like than the pencil crayons you may be more familiar with. They have been used multiple times on a daily basis. Above is a shot of her working on her new favorite hobby: Her art journal.
Twisted Yogurt goodness. I love this little sweet spot in Sherwood Park, located right next to Dollorama so you can combine a trip to the dollar store with a yogurty treat. Happy happy in my world!I thought it was interesting that this photo turned out almost entirely green considering it was St. Patrick's Day. How fitting. Clearly we had too many treats to enjoy on St. Patty's Day. Where are those shots of us working out?
A random one of Roopert. Who would not look at the camera, which I thought was very adolescent of him.

The snow is finally in full melt mode. Though we still have so very much, I see an end in sight and I've started thumbing through gardening books with wonderful ideas and imaginings about this years garden percolating in my busy brain. Clearly there is some clean up to be done prior to those happy times.
A quiet little shot of Kia's work desk, just waiting her return from school for some art love.
Some little beads she made with clay. She wants to paint them and make a pretty beaded curtain tie with these. Sounds cute to me.

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