Week {end} in Foodview...er...Review

This is one lucky T shirt ya'll! Gotta love hockey superstitions. How Canadian. I'm really sharing this photo to show you how wasted my kid looks in the morning. This after being up for almost an hour and she looks ready to pass out and sleep the morning away...alas...there is no nap time in grade 5. If I could sum up this weekend, I would need only two words: HOCKEY and FOOD. There was a lot of both and it was all good! Homemade beef and broccoli and some homemade fried chicken ya'll - Pioneer woman style. Check out my new Dutch Oven I bought for a steal at HomeSense. LOVE!
I figured since I was already cooking up a storm I should add a dessert to the fray...to really put those nails in our cardiac coffins. So I made the Chocolate Oreo Cake recipe I found awhile back at the Sing for Your Supper blog. Kia called it my best work.
Hello little Oreo cookies. How about some chocolate cookie crumbs in the whipped cream filling? Sure, and maybe a few more in the chocolate icing? Why not!This bad boy is almost completely gone. It was a short but good life. How could a weekend that started with chocolate Oreo cake and ended with us losing our ever loving hockey minds on a Sunday afternoon be bad? Dude, it can't. Dear American reader, please know that hockey really is as big a deal as the media makes it out to be for Canadians.

I watched the first period. Left the room for the second, came back and Kia joined us for the third, was devastated at 22 seconds remaining and screamed like a lunatic in overtime, and at around 3:52 pm on Sunday afternoon partied like it was 1999 (gotta say how happy I was to have morning church and not miss it). Yes, I said 1999.
This is the closest I could get her to the moment.
Took pictures of my kid with a TELEVISION set. That's a first!
How about some Oreo cake to celebrate?

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