Things that need brushes: Painting and Roo

I'm having just as much fun as Kia (if not more) with our art projects. This week we've drawing, making collages, and painting trees of our own creation (or inspired by other artists). Kia has some of the cutest work she's done to date...which will be shared later this week. I had forgotten how much fun it is to pick up a brush and just go for it. I realize I haven't really found the best approach for teaching Kia yet. We've focused on things the past two weeks...buildings and trees. For the next two weeks we're going to focus on artist mediums with more open ended projects, which I think she'll enjoy, but really I'm still learning, so I could be completely wrong.
Rooster is getting groomed tomorrow for the first time since the end of summer. Our scruffy guy will be no more, I admit I will miss it a bit, but look forward to a better smelling dog and less dog hair EVERYWHERE! After pictures to come in my Week in Review reel.

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