St. Patrick and the Clean Machine

I don't know what hit me around 1:00 but from 1:00 this afternoon to about 2:30ish, I was so productive. Maybe it was the chocolate St.Patty's day cupcake I consumed after lunch. But it was a personal best productivity wise...okay personal best lately. I rewarded myself by visiting blogs of long lost internet friends. Lovely reward really.

Kia and I made a snack date after school to Twisted Yogurt, where we indulged in cotton candy yogurt with fresh strawberries and mango's, and a few gummi bears for luck. Bought a calculator at Dollorama next door and our outing was complete.

Tonight we finish cleaning up the basement (by we I mean me and Kia as the Big Guy is at cubs). It's going to be done and it's going to look awesome. Before and after photos coming on Friday's week in review because it was BAD down here. So very very bad that sharing these photos will be embarrassing, and I'm going to do it anyway.

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