So Lucky Card Tutorial

This card tutorial came into being when Kia suggested we stamp St.Patrick's Day cards. Our grand plans for stamping were dashed when we couldn't find a shamrock stamp we liked. We then couldn't find a shamrock punch available in our area...we thought til our thinker was sore and decided we would try to sell the St.Patrick's day idea on color alone and barely any stamping at all.
This project was completely inspired by Jennifer McGuire and a video tutorial she had shared on YouTube (found it here). We had all the hardware on hand (though instead of ink I chose sparkly paper) and instead of a home decor item I just tweaked it to be a card fit for St. Patrick's Day.
PSA: clean your stamps or they'll look like mine! Using your letter stamps, stamp the word Lucky in the bottom right corner of your card. I like to do the thing I'm most likely to screw up this case that would be the stamping (and yes I smudged and destroyed one card). Once I get that out of the way, I'm good to add my sparkle hearts. I should mention, I added "so" in handwriting. I think it's better to be so lucky rather than plain lucky. :POf course, one must punch out the sparkle hearts...which is hands down the worst part of this project, especially if you plan on making a dozen of these cards like I do. I actually ended up padding the punch handle with a dishtowel because punching through the sparkly paper takes brawn and endurance, both attributes I'm low on.Yay, done. Well not really, but enough for one card is complete. Now adhere your hearts to the card in any pattern you choose. This is where you will appreciate the dot adhesive - trust me! I've done 8 green hearts and 1 gold in a 3 x 3 pattern. A simple alternative is to set up the hearts as a four leaf clover - you only need 4 punches for that. See the first image and the last image as an example.
Adhere the center heart punch with the 3D dots, to give them the raised effect. Once you've added the dots and the center heart you should be done. In my case, that means 9 more cards to go!

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