Life in Review

I've been terrible with taking photos this week. In fact, I have none. Instead I randomly opened photo folders from the past year and picked photos I haven't shared before. Lame, I know, but I wanted to share some pics before I sign off for the next week. Gonna take a computer break over spring break, so this should be my last post for at least a week.
Remembering the wind storm from last summer that knocked over one of my favorite trees on the Eastgate lake walk.
Remembering the fun we had this summer with my nieces brings a smile to my face.
Wrestling masks at the Olvera Street market in LA. I guess these bad boys are a big deal in Mexico. How odd.
An odd photo of me and Russ. My hair. What is up with my hair? And my squinty eyed husband. We are special. Love him!
The kidlet and me walking hand in hand at the San Diego Zoo...although it could really be anywhere in the world.
I can't wait to have a spring fire in the backyard. Snuggled up in blankets with cold noses and warm feet. Sigh. Heaven.
Our sandy toes thanks to the beach at the Santa Monica Pier.
Kia peeling her face off. She's all about facials and was enamored with this peel off one for the longest time.
What the side of our house looked like prior to Russ erecting the shed. Strange to see it this way I'm so used to the shed.
A blurry shot from Kia's tenth bday. I was talking to someone lately about blurry photos and how they still tell a story. Need to share more blurry, not perfect photos...which I just kinda did. Happy spring break. See ya after Easter!

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