{Last} Week in Review

Not the last week in review ever, but merely the week in review from last week.

In no particular order we have:
To preface this photo - Roopert looks like he's demon possessed because I used the red eye feature in photo editing. Didn't really work but I kept it anyway. A couple mornings a week, I toss Roopert up into Keek's loft bed to wake her up. The results are always adorable.
Not sure if we've ever shared a photo of Tiger, Kia's beta fish. He's been around since the summer, but he's not been eating lately and concerned that he may die, I decided to take his picture, even if it's not his best side.
Mmmm salsa. I made burritos on Thursday and splurged by making some homemade Salsa...the splurge is that I'm the only one who eats it. It was all for me!
Most of you know that Rooperts bed in the front room is an old suitcase that he claimed prior to our garage sale last spring. Down in the Den his bed is inside this old side table. He loves it in there. Strange dog.
Russ and I spent Saturday out and about. We're on a slow search for new furniture for the front room as the stuff we currently have is slowly disintegrating (15 year old furniture will do that). I know what I want...a large couch upholstered in a sturdy corduroy and two leather chairs. So far, the cost is astronomical for this set up, but the dream is still alive!
Keeks hanging out in her very clean playroom. I don't know how much longer we'll get away with calling it the playroom. :(
Singing time props. Who doesn't like fishing with a magnet for laminated fish?
Sir Roopert in his favorite room. He kinda loves the Den. He's always bummed when I go downstairs and don't go in this room. It provides numerous sunny spots throughout the day for him to roast himself in.
Project butterfly looking adorable in the front room. We pinned black ribbon around the edge of the wooden base and it looks divine. We even mod podged the butterfly's with a glimmer based product to make them stronger and the shine, well that's a bonus.

Anyways, it's spring cleaning week around these parts. Lots to do. I have such a craving for things to be neat and clean - let's hope the action part is in full force also. Stinky fridge...here I come!

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