Ebb and Flow

I have strange patterns, okay not so much patterns as obsessions. A perfect example of a Nikki obsession can be observed in my lunch making habits. I will go for weeks at a time eating the exact same thing for lunch every single day, only to drop it one morning and never revisit it for, long periods of time, like a year. Past obsessions have been: Turkey and avocado sandwiches on 12 grain bread, asian salad rolls, tuna and wasabi sandwiches, french onion soup, lean cuisine chicken a la'orange meals by the dozens.

It's not soley about lunches either. This blog is a fairly accurate indication of what I may or may no longer be consumed by in my spare time. Music, quilting, organizing, laundry (horrid horrid little necessity), bedroom furniture, vacation planning, menu planning, exercise programs, photography, stamping, painting, home decor, teaching dogs to be well behaved, reading (something I could do all day long every single day), grammer, gardening, road tripping, art, the environment, any one of these subjects can literally fill my days with discovery and learning and...obsessing.

I know I'm not the only one. I can't be. But lately my little obsessions have become quite time consuming. Like excuse me Mr. Obsession, but I kinda have a life I need to tend too? So I'm going to try to take back my schedule and my life, or at the very least, remind myself there is a time and place for these compulsive behaviors and I have quite a lot of other things I must be doing thank you very much (seemed like a good place for a thank you very much). Like my current goal of having the entire house clean...every room tended too, by the first day of Spring next Saturday. Oh how happy I would will be when I actually achieve that goal.

Sorry current obsession...you'll just have to wait but if you really want to be helpful, could just morph into a crazy house cleaning fool obsession for...let's say...the next 8 days? Thanks in advance!

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