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Life in Review

I've been terrible with taking photos this week. In fact, I have none. Instead I randomly opened photo folders from the past year and picked photos I haven't shared before. Lame, I know, but I wanted to share some pics before I sign off for the next week. Gonna take a computer break over spring break, so this should be my last post for at least a week.
Remembering the wind storm from last summer that knocked over one of my favorite trees on the Eastgate lake walk.
Remembering the fun we had this summer with my nieces brings a smile to my face.
Wrestling masks at the Olvera Street market in LA. I guess these bad boys are a big deal in Mexico. How odd.
An odd photo of me and Russ. My hair. What is up with my hair? And my squinty eyed husband. We are special. Love him!
The kidlet and me walking hand in hand at the San Diego Zoo...although it could really be anywhere in the world.
I can't wait to have a spring fire in the backyard. Snuggled up in blankets with cold noses and …

Do More Things Badly - Sark

Remember how I told you sometimes I don't like to share. Sometimes I want to hold onto something and make it mine and only mine. I do this with little blogs and websites all the time. Like sharing it will make less wonderful, or make less original. I'm trying to be better and my hand has been forced by a post that I must share with all my blogging friends. Keeping it to myself seems far to selfish.

SARK has been a wonderful inspirational artist in my life since my young adult years in Prince Rupert. I had her poster of "How to be an Artist" on my wall in my bedroom in high school before I even knew who she was. Her blog post a few days ago is A MUST READ. Go right now, bookmark the page, read it and enjoy. Planet SARK is definitely a land worth visiting.

In're welcome.

April Meal Planning

click image to enlarge

Thought I'd pop on and share my meal planning chart for April. Firstly, because I'm proud of myself for being organized and secondly - some of you might find it helpful. I shared my system a couple years ago so maybe it's time again. I have been terrible with meal planning lately and hopefully will be turning it all around soon!

Plus I spent the lunch hour adding some more recipes to the family recipe site. Recipes like yummy lemon garlic aioli, utah scones, any my favorite salad dressing are now there for all to try and enjoy. Tonight I'm making steak sandwiches with homemade onion rings that I drooled over while watching the Main. Yum!

Week in Review - Green Week

Another week has flown by. This one in a blur of cleaning liquids and art supplies. I guess keeping busy is the key to fulfillment but it sure does make life feel like a whirlwind. Due to the spring cleaning theme of the week I hardly took any are a few that I did manage to take.
Kia discovered watercolor crayons this week and has not looked back. She adores them. They are much more paint like than the pencil crayons you may be more familiar with. They have been used multiple times on a daily basis. Above is a shot of her working on her new favorite hobby: Her art journal.
Twisted Yogurt goodness. I love this little sweet spot in Sherwood Park, located right next to Dollorama so you can combine a trip to the dollar store with a yogurty treat. Happy happy in my world!I thought it was interesting that this photo turned out almost entirely green considering it was St. Patrick's Day. How fitting. Clearly we had too many treats to enjoy on St. Patty's Day. W…


Studio actually. My shame:
And order is project of the day:
WOW. What a disaster. Told you it was bad! But you're still my friend right? I feel like I could be candidate for the show Hoarders with my first picture...only achieving organized chaos with the second. It works for me :)

I'm Yours

To many of you this is old news, as practically 16 million of you have watched this one...but it just makes me so happy I have to have a touchstone on my blog. What little dude may lack in word recognition he makes up for with adorable swag.

Made me laugh

When I was growing up, people constantly mispronounced my last name. Ridiculously so. Miss K, suffers the same fate, seems that when your name is spelled the same as a major car line the car line pronunciation trumps all. I never thought Russ had this problem, as pronouncing his name seems rather simple to me. Apparently I was wrong.

St. Patrick and the Clean Machine

I don't know what hit me around 1:00 but from 1:00 this afternoon to about 2:30ish, I was so productive. Maybe it was the chocolate St.Patty's day cupcake I consumed after lunch. But it was a personal best productivity wise...okay personal best lately. I rewarded myself by visiting blogs of long lost internet friends. Lovely reward really.

Kia and I made a snack date after school to Twisted Yogurt, where we indulged in cotton candy yogurt with fresh strawberries and mango's, and a few gummi bears for luck. Bought a calculator at Dollorama next door and our outing was complete.

Tonight we finish cleaning up the basement (by we I mean me and Kia as the Big Guy is at cubs). It's going to be done and it's going to look awesome. Before and after photos coming on Friday's week in review because it was BAD down here. So very very bad that sharing these photos will be embarrassing, and I'm going to do it anyway.

{Last} Week in Review

Not the last week in review ever, but merely the week in review from last week.

In no particular order we have:
To preface this photo - Roopert looks like he's demon possessed because I used the red eye feature in photo editing. Didn't really work but I kept it anyway. A couple mornings a week, I toss Roopert up into Keek's loft bed to wake her up. The results are always adorable.
Not sure if we've ever shared a photo of Tiger, Kia's beta fish. He's been around since the summer, but he's not been eating lately and concerned that he may die, I decided to take his picture, even if it's not his best side.
Mmmm salsa. I made burritos on Thursday and splurged by making some homemade Salsa...the splurge is that I'm the only one who eats it. It was all for me!
Most of you know that Rooperts bed in the front room is an old suitcase that he claimed prior to our garage sale last spring. Down in the Den his bed is inside this old side table. He loves it in …

It's precious.

Perhaps you've already been introduced...but if not...allow me. This is my dream kitchen. Dream kitchen...these are my blog friends. A guy by the name of Lance Armstrong stole this kitchen design from my brain and made it a reality. Now all I can do is look at pictures of it online. Jerk.

Ebb and Flow

I have strange patterns, okay not so much patterns as obsessions. A perfect example of a Nikki obsession can be observed in my lunch making habits. I will go for weeks at a time eating the exact same thing for lunch every single day, only to drop it one morning and never revisit it for, long periods of time, like a year. Past obsessions have been: Turkey and avocado sandwiches on 12 grain bread, asian salad rolls, tuna and wasabi sandwiches, french onion soup, lean cuisine chicken a la'orange meals by the dozens.

It's not soley about lunches either. This blog is a fairly accurate indication of what I may or may no longer be consumed by in my spare time. Music, quilting, organizing, laundry (horrid horrid little necessity), bedroom furniture, vacation planning, menu planning, exercise programs, photography, stamping, painting, home decor, teaching dogs to be well behaved, reading (something I could do all day long every single day), grammer, gardening, road tripping, art, the en…

So Lucky Card Tutorial

This card tutorial came into being when Kia suggested we stamp St.Patrick's Day cards. Our grand plans for stamping were dashed when we couldn't find a shamrock stamp we liked. We then couldn't find a shamrock punch available in our area...we thought til our thinker was sore and decided we would try to sell the St.Patrick's day idea on color alone and barely any stamping at all.
EK Success Double Heart Punch - LOVE!Letter Stamps - mine are Little Black Dress Designs which is now out of businessInk - I'm using Dew Drop Starlite BlackSparkle Paper - I'm using Reminisce in Lucky Strike and Gold ChainNote Cards - Stampin' Up (don't know if they still sell them)3D Dots 1/8" thick - EK SuccessTOMBOW dots adhesive permanent (my new FAVORITE adhesive)Ultra Fine Point Black Sharpie
This project was completely inspired by Jennifer McGuire and a video tutorial she had shared on YouTube (found it here). We had all the hardware on hand (though instead of ink I c…

Butterfly Collection

Project Butterfly is a new art project we've shared at our 12:34 Art blog. Kiki is having a sick day at home and so we've been doing busy work in the studio. Stamping, coloring, and cutting aren't terribly exhausting.

Week in Review - March already

The groomed pooch in all his hairless glory. Russ says he looks like a rat. I disagree, but will say his ears look massive now! He is so soft and has been getting tons of attention with his new do.
I don't know if I ever showed the damask wallpaper we hung in KiKi's room under her loft bed. Here it is, with a the girl who loves it. I must add that I learned a lot from this wallpapering experience...1) Less is more. 2) Sometimes, you just need to do something to figure out how it's done. 3) Their are bigger things to fear than wallpaper.
She's been all about her bedroom this week, and we've taken photos of her with past school projects so I could recycle them and she could keep the memory. Today is a professional day and we had big plans of meeting Dad for a lunch date but she's woken up with horrible sinus problems and puffy eyes, so we're home bound for the day. :(
My big purchase of the week...a new ironing board. Watch out Martha. My old ironing boa…