Week In Review

A few weeks have gone missing in my efforts to share weekly photos - illness will do that I suppose. Upward and onwards...I told you Russ spent family day watching Entourage episodes, here's my proof:
Kia and her favorite snuggle buddy. I mentioned the masquerade ball, here's the paper they sent and here's the chaos that ensued on my kitchen table as we worked to make a mask. Ended up sewing the mask...then applying fabric sparkles and glitter. We lined the back of the mask with felt for comfort. Turned out to be sturdy enough to stand up to some wear and tear, sparkly and it matches her outfit...win win. Kia is sooo excited about the dance tonight. It's pretty cute. This one is from last night - Russ watching the hockey game and checking his email at the same time. Love a multi tasker. I couldn't handle the game and instead used my anxious energy to clean my kitchen. Canada wins and my kitchen is clean - what a combo!
And as proof that Week in Review pictures are not staged or fancy, here is one Kia took of me at Mutual on Wednesday. I was there taking photos of the YW for their new personal progress books. Kia snapped this winner of me. Aren't I a dish? Clearly no, but this is a fairly accurate interpretation of what I've look like the past 10 days. Have kleenex will travel!
And while we're at it, here's one she took of Dad.
When we got home the sky looked so interesting we had to take a picture of it.
And in closing, here is Ms. Kia in all her cute glory. Love her in the basics - a white tshirt and blue jeans. Hopefully the messy house will be dealt with today...wish me luck!

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