Sunshine lives!

Kia had a great time at the family dance. Can you tell she has sparkles in her hair? She loved that, even if she was sad we wouldn't let her wear make-up, some glitter spray seemed to mend this tragedy. Family dances are odd events, where parents play a supporting role and the kids party, okay what's odd about that? I'm sure younger kids are all about partying with Mom and Dad. Grade 5's not so much.
I've been having a baking bug lately. Muffins (banana chocolate chip), brownies, puffed wheat squares and chocolate sauce have all been made over the past few days. Can you sense a theme? Sadly, the three of us can never finish eating anything in the quantities our recipes produce. As I toss food into the composter I keep thinking of what my Mom used to say, "your body is not a garbage can" (thanks Mom) but then I remember what my Grandma used to say, "there are children in Ethiopia who would pound your brains with a rock to get this plate of it all you ungrateful urchin!" Ahhh the memories.

We've had grand, sunshine filled, blazing blue Alberta skies the past few afternoons and yesterdays was the best yet. The trees all had a touch of frosty silver against the crisp blue sky, and the sun was shining brightly, trust me, it was gorgeous. I had big plans to take some photos of it, but alas, Tuesday's are busy 'round here. Kia is in Showbiz Kids (a musical theater group for kids) and has class only 25 minutes after getting out of school - not a lot of time. I'm patting myself on the back for actually noticing it was pretty.
Speaking of busy 'round here, we've started our at home art class in earnest. We're recording our projects on a blog in case anyone else wants to join in with us. It's not all that high tech or fancy and it's still our first week at this, but we're happy to share! Here's the link- 12:34. Have a good one!

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