My point, and I don't really have one is...

  • The ads for Instant cash for gold! annoy me. Trade in your old memories for new stuff, like boots and purses.
  • Health is improving. Sure sign is my sense of taste and smell are ever so slowly coming back to me. There are some definite perks to going without a sense of smell in this house right now as we are kinda living in our own squalor. With Mom sick and a family just trying to survive - the house is a tad ripe.
  • I felt good enough to do some more work on the Scout quilt for Russ.
  • Oh my gosh those boots are so cute, I should trade in my family heirlooms for some cash for gold!
  • Yes, still annoyed.
  • First men's team Canada hockey game last night. Russ was over the moon with Iggy's hat trick, over the moon and very loud. Roopert would make a shame face every time Russ got "hockey loud" which was 8 times, for those keeping count.
  • However will I afford that new purse? I know, I'll sell my Great Grandma's jewelry - I love you cash for gold!
  • Running out of food ideas again. Coming off a week of eating very little and food still isn't looking all that appealing but really, I have to stop eating bread for every meal. It's like I'm in the pretend jail game I constantly played as a kid with a diet of bread and water.
  • Word on the street: Vancouver games are the worst ever. Everyone is so defensive about it. My take - okay, sorry you feel that way London, Seattle, whomever. Now, let's move on. Plus they may have a point people, we do have some 'xplaining to do with the whole, autumn punk rock fiddle thing, that horrible song by Bryan Adams and Nelly Furtado, the lighting of the torch oh...and someone died!
  • I'm sure Instant Cash for Gold is gold medal friendly.
  • Art. I've been disappointed with the art program at Kia's school. I have plans for Kia to start taking some extra courses of art through the local Smeltzer House/Clay Hut but in the meantime I guess I have to augment with some ideas of my own. She's hungry for art and creative opportunities and a chance to pursue her own artistic ideas instead of constantly working within boundaries - she's her Mother's daughter.

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