Monday that starts with the number 1

Happy February 1st or National Freedom Day for those who celebrate. The no spend challenge that I was kinda doing in January, kinda went well - really what can you expect from such dedication? Now February is all about eating healthier. Less junk. Though at 12:26 I am craving chocolate something bad and it's only 12 hours into the month. I smell trouble! Must resist...

Today greeted me with a level of exhaustion I have not experienced since Kia was an itty bitty baby who would awake at 3 am to eat and I would have to get out of bed at 4:30 am to do papers. I've never done this before, but after taking Kia to school I came home, lay down in bed and slept until 11:36. FOR REAL. Yes, I feel bad about it, no, I don't plan on making a habit of this ritual. I did have a long dream sequence of being moved to different rooms in a hotel and never being happy with the room they gave me. Too dark, smells like smokers, there's no bed, there's already a Romanian family using it. Still feeling groggy and not myself, but there are things to do, and no one else eager to see them done (that might also include me).

I digress from what I started talking about which is my February goal of eating healthier - though sleeping the morning away may become a good strategy in keeping this goal, it's not one I planned. Did any of you see that episode when Dr. Oz was on Oprah and they covered this group of people in the UK who, in an effort to eat better and change their wicked ways, spent an entire 10 days at a zoo eating only fresh vegetables and fruit in large quantities like the animals they were co-existing with? It had fascinating results - massive weight loss and drops in BP and cholesterol levels that couldn't even be achieved with medication.

I have no plans of going on a raw food diet, or sleeping at the zoo (my nephew has convinced me sleeping at the zoo is a terrible idea because the rhino's smell terrible and make strange noises all night long), and I have to really wonder if I even could manage such a lifestyle shift for 10 days in my own home, let alone a zoo. I even took some time out to look at the food pyramid, a pyramid I have not studied since grade school.

Grain products 5 - 12 servings per day.
Fruits and Vegetables 5-10 servings per day.
Milk Products 2 - 4 servings per day.
Meat and Alternates 2-3 servings per day.

I'm fine with everything except the 5 - 12 servings of grain products. 12 servings! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Who really has the time or means to consume that much grain? Who is making these charts? Dempster's and Wonderbread? I think I'll go low on that chart - 5 seems plenty. Um, actually I may just ignore it all together and go for a solid balance of fats, carbs and proteins. Really, this whole process is just adding to my exhaustion.

15 minutes later and my desire for chocolate is still strong. Just saying...

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