I have quite the sinus cold right now. Yick! My energy levels are low, and productivity is at a snails pace. The kidlet and I did manage to get some Valentines day projects completed, but really, nothing else got done today. Worth it, because the Valentines fortune cookies look so great!I ended up using this tutorial from Lily Bean on YouTube for the fortune cookie, it was more work but they turned out way better than the wire ones. I'd like to think, it's because I'm sick and everything is at a slow plod but it took me all afternoon to make 24 fortune cookies. Just saying...Hopefully these little fake cookies will be appreciated by her grade 5 peers - she filled them with sweet little fortunes for her classmates. I may have also encouraged Kia to have one of them say "Love Kia" instead of "From Kia" for one certain member of her class and she may or may not have followed my advice (so cute). Tonight we made some mini cupcakes for her school Valentines party tomorrow. Totally snuck the Pink Lemonade cupcake idea from my SIL Amy. Love it! A little gel food coloring goes along way as I added a tiny dot to the batter and it turned bright bright pink. Ah well, the true test was Russ actually calling them "good" after partaking of one very pink cupcake - high praise indeed from my guy.Baking Tip - I don't have many but this one is the best advice ever for making cakes - Sometimes with cake mixes you get lumps in the mix. To ensure you have no lumps, mix and beat till smooth prior to adding the eggs. The eggs will suspend the lumps for life and there will be no getting rid of them once you add them to a lumpy batter. But if you beat the mixture smooth first and then add the eggs your cake batter is like velvet. True story!

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