Family Day Twenty Ten

Not much happening around these parts that is news worthy. The family hasn't had much to do, or to eat or to enjoy as I've been out of commission for almost a whole week! I do see some improvements, but this cold has been a personal best.
Kia finished her Aboriginal model this weekend. It looks great! She shared some photos on her blog. It was lots of little projects over a very long period of time. Today she said how fun it would be to make models for movies or museums. We may have a new career path de jour!She went out to play in the snow and I snapped some shots of her in her Olympic toque. Go Canada!
Roopert, not to be left out, dashed up after her, belly deep in the snow.
Russ has been watching Entourage episodes all day and I've been feeling bad about how gross the house is, while still having no energy to do anything truly helpful about it. C'est la vie! Here's hoping for a healthy horizon!!!!

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