Canada wear

Kidlet's school has started making mass phone call reminders about school events. It's both helpful and annoying. Last night they phoned to remind the kids to wear Canada T shirts to cheer on the ladies hockey team in their final game today. Only problem is none of her Canada T shirts fit her...she's growing like a beanstalk! I scored some white T shirts at Walmart the other day for $3 a piece so I grabbed one from her closet and went to work.

Heat bond is my friend for stuff like this and once I sealed it to the back of some red fabric, printed out a maple leaf pattern I liked and then traced it onto the red, we were in business. Then I thought adding Olympic rings would be a nice touch, so I went through the scrap fabric bin and found colors that somewhat coordinated to the rings, a few more heat bond patches attached to the scraps and I was ready to cut rings. No sewing, just ironing for this one. Kia loves the shirt and I can guarantee it will be a one of kind in the crowd today.

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