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Canada wear

Kidlet's school has started making mass phone call reminders about school events. It's both helpful and annoying. Last night they phoned to remind the kids to wear Canada T shirts to cheer on the ladies hockey team in their final game today. Only problem is none of her Canada T shirts fit her...she's growing like a beanstalk! I scored some white T shirts at Walmart the other day for $3 a piece so I grabbed one from her closet and went to work.

Heat bond is my friend for stuff like this and once I sealed it to the back of some red fabric, printed out a maple leaf pattern I liked and then traced it onto the red, we were in business. Then I thought adding Olympic rings would be a nice touch, so I went through the scrap fabric bin and found colors that somewhat coordinated to the rings, a few more heat bond patches attached to the scraps and I was ready to cut rings. No sewing, just ironing for this one. Kia loves the shirt and I can guarantee it will be a one of kind in …

Sunshine lives!

Kia had a great time at the family dance. Can you tell she has sparkles in her hair? She loved that, even if she was sad we wouldn't let her wear make-up, some glitter spray seemed to mend this tragedy. Family dances are odd events, where parents play a supporting role and the kids party, okay what's odd about that? I'm sure younger kids are all about partying with Mom and Dad. Grade 5's not so much.
I've been having a baking bug lately. Muffins (banana chocolate chip), brownies, puffed wheat squares and chocolate sauce have all been made over the past few days. Can you sense a theme? Sadly, the three of us can never finish eating anything in the quantities our recipes produce. As I toss food into the composter I keep thinking of what my Mom used to say, "your body is not a garbage can" (thanks Mom) but then I remember what my Grandma used to say, "there are children in Ethiopia who would pound your brains with a rock to get this plate of food…

Week In Review

A few weeks have gone missing in my efforts to share weekly photos - illness will do that I suppose. Upward and onwards...I told you Russ spent family day watching Entourage episodes, here's my proof:
Kia and her favorite snuggle buddy. I mentioned the masquerade ball, here's the paper they sent and here's the chaos that ensued on my kitchen table as we worked to make a mask. Ended up sewing the mask...then applying fabric sparkles and glitter. We lined the back of the mask with felt for comfort. Turned out to be sturdy enough to stand up to some wear and tear, sparkly and it matches her win. Kia is sooo excited about the dance tonight. It's pretty cute. This one is from last night - Russ watching the hockey game and checking his email at the same time. Love a multi tasker. I couldn't handle the game and instead used my anxious energy to clean my kitchen. Canada wins and my kitchen is clean - what a combo!
And as proof that Week in Review pictu…

Masquerade Ball

Nothing like waiting to the last minute to make 3 masquerade masks for the schools Masquerade ball aka family dance (cough cough, which is tomorrow). They've given us 3 little mask outlines on cardstock and told us to use our

My point, and I don't really have one is...

The ads for Instant cash for gold! annoy me. Trade in your old memories for new stuff, like boots and purses. Health is improving. Sure sign is my sense of taste and smell are ever so slowly coming back to me. There are some definite perks to going without a sense of smell in this house right now as we are kinda living in our own squalor. With Mom sick and a family just trying to survive - the house is a tad ripe. I felt good enough to do some more work on the Scout quilt for Russ. Oh my gosh those boots are so cute, I should trade in my family heirlooms for some cash for gold!Yes, still annoyed.First men's team Canada hockey game last night. Russ was over the moon with Iggy's hat trick, over the moon and very loud. Roopert would make a shame face every time Russ got "hockey loud" which was 8 times, for those keeping count. However will I afford that new purse? I know, I'll sell my Great Grandma's jewelry - I love you cash for gold!Running out of food ideas a…

Family Day Twenty Ten

Not much happening around these parts that is news worthy. The family hasn't had much to do, or to eat or to enjoy as I've been out of commission for almost a whole week! I do see some improvements, but this cold has been a personal best.
Kia finished her Aboriginal model this weekend. It looks great! She shared some photos on her blog. It was lots of little projects over a very long period of time. Today she said how fun it would be to make models for movies or museums. We may have a new career path de jour!She went out to play in the snow and I snapped some shots of her in her Olympic toque. Go Canada!
Roopert, not to be left out, dashed up after her, belly deep in the snow.
Russ has been watching Entourage episodes all day and I've been feeling bad about how gross the house is, while still having no energy to do anything truly helpful about it. C'est la vie! Here's hoping for a healthy horizon!!!!

This one is kicking my h1ney!

I won't regale you with tales from my week...let's just sum it with this sentence: I didn't have to go to the hospital. So how bad could it have been? What I did manage to explore was that peak of illness that allows you to wallow at home in misery while still avoiding the emergency room. It was a fine line, but I walked it miserably, with every ounce of pathetic and self woe I could muster. I impressed even myself, and at one point noted that I was channeling my inner Russyl, as only he can dip to the levels of misery I was producing. Perhaps we've bonded in new and exciting ways through this illness - time will tell.

I think I have a few solid days of recovery ahead of me, but I can't imagine it could any worse than the last 48 hours - so upward and onward. Or in the immortal words of my buddy Shannon, "enough of this!" In honor of my return to health, I did not watch more Project Runway (something that has filled my feverish days and nights), but …


I have quite the sinus cold right now. Yick! My energy levels are low, and productivity is at a snails pace. The kidlet and I did manage to get some Valentines day projects completed, but really, nothing else got done today. Worth it, because the Valentines fortune cookies look so great!I ended up using this tutorial from Lily Bean on YouTube for the fortune cookie, it was more work but they turned out way better than the wire ones. I'd like to think, it's because I'm sick and everything is at a slow plod but it took me all afternoon to make 24 fortune cookies. Just saying...Hopefully these little fake cookies will be appreciated by her grade 5 peers - she filled them with sweet little fortunes for her classmates. I may have also encouraged Kia to have one of them say "Love Kia" instead of "From Kia" for one certain member of her class and she may or may not have followed my advice (so cute). Tonight we made some mini cupcakes for her school Valent…

Do we dare?

More days off school, I think it's a teachers convention, or something along those lines. The plan is to finish the aboriginal model diorama thingy, but not today. Today we plan on going to the mall, the biggest mall in the entire world...West Ed. It was about a year ago that we stayed at the Fantasyland hotel and lived like tourists. Wow, seems like a life time ago. Today I'm reminded that time flies, if you're having fun or not, so you might as well make it enjoyable!

It's over

We're through.

I'm done.

I can't take it anymore.

Winter has officially pushed me over the edge. Sad thing is, even though I'm done and ready to see the season move on...I have no control of whether it does or not. It's like a dysfunctional relationship, where one partner does it's very best to live up to their full potential and the other partner appreciates none of the effort.

I'll admit that I got excited when the first few snowfalls came and the world was a magical white. Those days seem so very long ago now. Now it's February and the world is still a magical white, only I've run out places to shovel it in my front yard and I'm thinking both Russ and I have given up on the idea of ever having a clear driveway again.

Really really looking forward to green and growing again.

Monday that starts with the number 1

Happy February 1st or National Freedom Day for those who celebrate. The no spend challenge that I was kinda doing in January, kinda went well - really what can you expect from such dedication? Now February is all about eating healthier. Less junk. Though at 12:26 I am craving chocolate something bad and it's only 12 hours into the month. I smell trouble! Must resist...

Today greeted me with a level of exhaustion I have not experienced since Kia was an itty bitty baby who would awake at 3 am to eat and I would have to get out of bed at 4:30 am to do papers. I've never done this before, but after taking Kia to school I came home, lay down in bed and slept until 11:36. FOR REAL. Yes, I feel bad about it, no, I don't plan on making a habit of this ritual. I did have a long dream sequence of being moved to different rooms in a hotel and never being happy with the room they gave me. Too dark, smells like smokers, there's no bed, there's already a Romanian family …