The Workman Diorama

I've been thinking about balance lately. I remember trying to find balance on teeter totters in the playground, walking along boards balanced on bricks in the backyard, or trying to stand straight and tall on the tip of a tiny stump. Balance was a fun pursuit as a child, a rush of victory and a burst of laughter. Trying to find balance in my life as a Mom and wife has been a somewhat more challenging venture worthy of the richer rewards. The bursts of laughter and rushes of victory are harder to appreciate, but they still come.

I'm reading an utterly engrossing book by David Suzuki called, The Sacred Balance - Rediscovering Our Place in Nature. I imagine many of my Canadian friends recognize the name David Suzuki and it may bring to mind his old TV series - The Nature of Things. As a kid I had to sit through countless episodes of his show with my Dad, who adored shows about animals, oceans, and natural wonders of the world. Me, not so much, but I persevered through the hour in an effort to get the TV next (oh, the days of a 1 TV family). It's ironic that here I sit today, engrossed in his book - a fitting end to this memory.

Science was not my forte in school but surprisingly it's become an interest in my adult years. In many ways I felt it was something that was meant for the analytical type, the nerd, and when it was done properly it must be explored in sterile environments, protected from real life to be true. In my mind science was something cold, sterile and carried out in a void. I realize now that there is such a thing as creative science, that embraces the truth as something with the ability to touch and inform us. Science, like life is not linear - it is complex, interwoven, dynamic, and interdependent.
Kia is working on diorama of a Huron village for school. As we study the images we find and plan our material list, I'm struck by the simplicity of life in this aboriginal village. Air, water, earth and fire, simple shelters, family. Necessity creates beauty here. To put it in perspective, I ask myself how difficult it would be to create an actual diorama of the Workman family, our purpose would be harder to identify and define and the assignment would require an extension for the re-creation of all of our "stuff". Where do we source our basic needs of air, water, earth and fire and what of all the extra?

Balance probably shouldn't be a journey that gets longer with each step. Though today it feels like that. I find myself missing the simple pursuits of balance. I long for it. I recognize it's great worth in my life and in the lives of those I love. I see little victories, and I'm encouraged to keep working on it.

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