Why my tree isn't down...

I wanted it down on Monday. It is now Thursday, still up.

There is a long list of things that need to happen before I can do it:
  1. The Christmas treat table must come down. Problem. Still have Christmas treats on table. Where to put them all? My house has no storage. Toss or eat. Probably eat while tossing.
  2. Once the table is emptied it must be taken back upstairs to the sewing room, which has been doubling as a guest room over Christmas but probably is good to go as a sewing room for the rest of the year. Maybe I should call this room the S'west room? No matter the moving of the table, requires effort, I'm low on effort.
  3. Once the table is moved it will reveal a hidden pluthora of pop, and Superstore boxes filled with kitchen items my MIL didn't know where to put while she was helping in the kitchen. This requires effort and cupboard organization.
  4. Then I have to go out to the garage - into the freezing weather - and pull the Christmas boxes up off the freezing floor and bring them into the house.
  5. Then I can start taking the ornaments off the tree. The ribbon off the tree, the stuff from the under the tree to their homes, the giant tree parts into boxes...
  6. Then it all needs to go back out into the cold, into the garage and be put away 11 months.

I could go on. I won't. I'll just start at number one and maybe by tonight I'll be on number 5. Could happen. I'm hopeful.

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