SIX years

I'm a little baffled that this blog has been going for 6 years! SIX YEARS PEOPLE. Holy Cow. I'm a little gobsmacked over this one. So here's a blog post made way back in 2004 and it's still true today:

One Saturday when I was about 11, I couldn't find a friend to accompany me to a movie I wanted to see. "Go by yourself," my Grandmother commanded. I did. And I walked home alone, too, taking long, empty side streets where I found myself reflecting on the story I'd just seen, mimicking the characters' accents and mouthing their lines. That day I realized that I could have fun all by myself.

It was a valuable lesson, one that I've had to learn again and again. Like everyone else, I've sometimes equated being alone with being unchosen. But each time I embrace solitude-whether by reading a book, taking myself out to lunch or writing-I've learned that I can choose myself. And when I do, I discover something powerful about myself: the ability to love and validate my own ideas, my life in a way no else can. Alone is the place where I find the courage to do that.

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