No Spend Experience

I decided in December that I wanted to try the "no-spend" challenge that has been discussed throughout the internet over the past year and I wanted to do it in January of the new year. I haven't really mentioned to anyone in my immediate family that this is something I'm trying to do, and truly I'm not following it to the letter of the law, but I am mindful of it. The only real purchase I made this month was for some craft supplies for a singing time project I was doing and then I also took advantage of a sale for Valentines goodies - again to be used for singing time to the tune of $20 bucks total.

I've learned a few things about my spending habits and it's only day 12...

1) When my house is a disaster, I tend to want to buy something new for it, rather than clean it. This is not helpful in the cleaning process and adds more to the disaster factor. It's been a struggle for me to manage this little house of mine in the way I would like to. Retail therapy seems to be a way I reward my deviant behavior. Not that I'm buying anything spectacular or enduring, I may not even buy anything at all, it's often the act of just searching for something - when really I just need to push up my sleeves and get to work.

2) Lesson learned from the first paragraph of this post - crafts are clearly above the law. For a foodie, they would have found a reason to buy a vat of extra virgin olive oil at a killer price, for someone addicted to clothe diapers they would have made exception for adorable diaper covers, and like any good addict you would have felt completely justified, as I do. My Achilles heel is clearly craft related. I spent the better part of a day organizing misc crafts and feel quite confident in saying I have a solid year supply on hand.

3) I lead a fairly solitary life, I'm okay with this. If I didn't attend church, go to the gym or have a kid, I would be a great candidate for a life as a hermit. Most days are spent in the solitary pursuit of a writers life, keyboard clacking, music humming in the background, florescent lights flickering overhead. Phone calls from friends help dull the isolation, but sometimes I have to break free and so I go shopping. I don't chat people up (though I'm a relentless people watcher), but I just need to be away from 'here', and often the way I do that is to shop. Today I plan on roaming the isles of Chapters for an hour, thumbing through books I'd love to read then leaving empty handed. I may use some of the Starbucks gift card sent to me this Christmas by an online friend, for a hot chocolate - that doesn't count right? :)

There are a few of my obvious realizations 12 days into a challenge I'm only kinda doing (cuz gift cards are challenge immune, right?). It's not earth shattering realizations by any means of the imagination - but maybe if I own up to them, write them down for friends and anonymous strangers to read and mock, I'll try to do better. Because as pretty amazing man once said, it's all about doing a bit better every day.

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