Like a crazy person that will bore the snot out of you.

Out, out damn spot kind of crazy has taken me over today. I can't even begin to make it sound interesting and exciting. I totally get it if you don't give a hoot, it's just all I have to report on. Kia's playroom has order again and my studio is well on it's way to living up to it's title. I've been pulling boxes from the storage area behind the furnace and dejunking boxes (slow and steady). Man, we have alot of stuff we don't need. How do I get a Room of Requirement for my house? Somebody email JK Rowling for me.

Some more boring details: I've been organizing craft boxes that have been taken to Cubs, or Mutual, brought home and never dealt with. It took ages to unpack them and put everything back where it belongs or repackage, recycle or harder yet, locate where the 'rest' of it was. Russ has a box the size of a 10 year old child that he inherited with his Cub calling. It sits in his office - and sadly, it is filled with nothing useful. I don't know how something that big can be jam packed with N O T H I N G useful, but this bad boy is just a burden. I kinda hope he gets released from cubs, if for no other reason than the opportunity to get rid of the plastic coffin of crap that takes up way to much space in our house.

Roopert has been my happy companion throughout the day - enamored with his kangaROO stuffy that is almost chewed, licked and loved to death, not to mention, destuffed (every now and then he'll chew a hole and unearth a mouthful of stuffing). Occassionaly, he'll trot over to me, want up on my lap, give me a couple licks on the cheek and then quickly hop down, run to his stuffy and make sure nothing has happened in his brief absence. That's what he's been doing ALL day.

What a snoozer of a post! Life's boring in twentyten, folks.

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