Friday - Week in Review

I'm going to try to take more photos of regular life this year. Regular life photos are blurry, show my messy house, are sometimes posed, have red eye, but they tell a story about what the day to day living in the house feels like...we'll see how that goes. Hopefully this will become a regular Friday thing. Here are some snapshots from this past week:Projects for Singing Time at church fill my studio. Really need to find a new storage solution for all the paper that is created and reused in this calling. As you can see from the above photo - it was a perfectly ordinary looking pizza prior to being cooked. But when it came out it had this yeast boil on it. So big that meat and cheese just slunk off it's enormous girth! The second pizza had a similar, yet smaller tumorous bulge. Tasted good though!Went visiting teaching - ya us! Sadly our gal forgot we were coming. Good thing I mad cute handouts and stuffed them in a hockey card holder. Here's a shot of how Rooster always looks when he wants in. Too bad I can't capture the little paw drum beat he plays on the window in an effort to hurry up his re-entry to the house. Kia has wanted to do more sewing projects so I purchase a pattern designed for tween seamstresses in training. It's a pattern for some basic skirts. Kia cut out the pattern yesterday and hopefully we'll find some time on Saturday to sew this bad boy up. It didn't hold her interest for long though and soon she was on the floor in the front room throwing the light up ball for Roops. More crafts at the table! Jeesh - where do we eat? This one is for felt fortune cookies - she's started her Valentines early. It has been frosty frosty around these parts. Here's some photos to prove it. Kia calls it Sparkling Branches (which must be said like Toulouse in Moulin Rouge when he says "Sparkling Diamond") - but I still call it Hoar frost. Her's sounds better.
I love this one - the green on the pine tree is so pretty as it peeks through the frost. Finally here's a shot of the kidlet with her school choir this very morning as they sang for the opening ceremonies of the school's winter olympic games. I'm actually off to go run some games for the rest of the morning. Have a good one!

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