End of the month - ALREADY!

Friday and another blast of photos from our week are coming your way. Saturday evening I made, what can only be described as, the best cinnamon buns in the history of mankind. So so good. I had frosting too. Yum. Recipe to follow on the recipe blog eventually. Sunday, I shared a bit of my heart with Kia. How so? She and I watched The Lord of the Rings (the extended edition) together for the first time. Later today we're watching The Two Towers and I'm loving that she's enjoying it and it's not freaking the {bleep} out of her.
A favorite treat this week has been Starbucks hot cocoa with a swirl of whipped cream and a sprinkle of vanilla sugar. I'm not a hot chocolate drinker but I've had two cups this week! Favorite treat number two: these books which I'm reading simultaneously - it can be done. I'm almost done the Unthinkable and The Sacred Balance. Both great books. This is Rooperts shame face. It's the face he makes when he's embarrassed, when he's been bad, or taken something too far. Next photo shows what caused the "shame" face. He killed Lovey. His most favorite stuffy was finally unstuffed and disposed of in a manner fitting to his canine standards. Truly one of the sturdier stuffies we've found for him - good to know Dollarama is still carrying some. The diorama discussed earlier on my blog is in full production. Here's last night with Dad and after she applied some plaster this morning. Starting to take shape!It's 10ish and we're still lounging in our PJ's. Love a PD day!Finally, Kia and I were surprised to find Roopert slumped over the keyboard today. We think he might need glasses to help him see the music better.

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