Bullets of stuff

  • This early winter, spring like weather is kind of great. I am loving the sunshine and don't feel like such a shut in when warm sunshine is filtering through the house.
  • Roopert goes searching for sunny patches of carpet like a cat, plopping himself down and soaking up the rays.
  • Busy evenings studying with Kia - chemistry of all things. I know as much as a 5th grader on the topic and no more.
  • I think my neighbor across the street is having her twins! A boy and a girl...so excited for them.
  • Horrible nightmare the other night. It was one of those dreams that are vivid and life-like. It was a regular day and I was down here on the computer. I heard a rustling sound and turned to find a rotting corpse sitting on the office chair beside me, bloody, eyes open...it was so alarming I woke up gasping.
  • On a "feels like spring but isn't" cleaning blitz. Not that you can tell. I'm getting nowhere visually.
  • Kia used to have "play dates" now friends come "over" - I thought hang out would be the word but I guess that was so last year.
  • Quote from the kidlet yesterday, "I get so excited when we learn something new in school but I shouldn't cuz all it really means is there will be a test on all this new stuff - when will I learn?"
  • I'm not interesting on demand. Russ phoned the other day, bored and wanting interesting conversation - I immediately shut down and was unable to string two sentences together. Crickets chirping moment.
  • The gym. I've only gone 5 times in 2010. 5! Pathetic. My only reason is I don't wanna. I wanna be healthy, without the work. I hate being predictable. I was hoping biggest loser would motivate me last night, but all it did was discourage me with the amount of work required.
  • Russ asked me if I'd ever read through the dictionary before. Um, ya - hasn't everyone?

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