And Swagday is born

My new calling at church is quite possibly the most fun you can have at church and not get in trouble for doing it. Everyone keeps asking me if I like it. I LOVE it. It actually has got me thinking I should consider going back and teaching preschool again. I love planning and preparing things that will help the kids learn and that has reminded me of all the things I enjoyed about being a preschool teacher. Maybe it's the bloom of a new gig, but I can't think of a calling in church I have relished more.

I spent an hour lounging on the couch last night before supper looking at my quilting and sewing magazines that I scored over Christmas. Santa set me up good in my stocking this year with quilting goodness. Sew it All is by far my favorite sewing mag and it's brand spanking new. Lots of doable ideas and projects and a great resource for the basics.

In fact I am so jam packed with project ideas that all I need now are more hours in the day - I think I may invent an 8th day of the week, okay maybe more of a day 6.5 - and I'm going to call it Swagday. Saturday, Swagday, Sunday. Perfect! Swagday is all about getting to those little projects that don't fit into the regular weeks time continuum. Renovations, exercise, lunch with girlfriends, house keeping, sewing projects, scrapbooking, photoshoots, all those things we mean to get around to now have their own special day. Write your congressman, let's make this happen. :P

In the meantime I had some friends over for a girls night in the studio, where we have great intentions of making miraculous things, but then rarely have anything to show for it. Alas we did make these little felt hats for our kidlets and the were super easy and really cute, though the patterns are for the tiniest heads in the world and will need to be expanded for the brainy roominess of what may be your childs head. These however make wonderful teddy bear hats I am sure.

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