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End of the month - ALREADY!

Friday and another blast of photos from our week are coming your way. Saturday evening I made, what can only be described as, the best cinnamon buns in the history of mankind. So so good. I had frosting too. Yum. Recipe to follow on the recipe blog eventually. Sunday, I shared a bit of my heart with Kia. How so? She and I watched The Lord of the Rings (the extended edition) together for the first time. Later today we're watching The Two Towers and I'm loving that she's enjoying it and it's not freaking the {bleep} out of her.
A favorite treat this week has been Starbucks hot cocoa with a swirl of whipped cream and a sprinkle of vanilla sugar. I'm not a hot chocolate drinker but I've had two cups this week! Favorite treat number two: these books which I'm reading simultaneously - it can be done. I'm almost done the Unthinkable and The Sacred Balance. Both great books. This is Rooperts shame face. It's the face he makes when he's emba…

This takes the 5 second rule to a whole new level...

Next time you drop your sticky ball of yummyness on the floor - you have a chart to refer too. How very useful. Found somewhere online.

The Workman Diorama

I've been thinking about balance lately. I remember trying to find balance on teeter totters in the playground, walking along boards balanced on bricks in the backyard, or trying to stand straight and tall on the tip of a tiny stump. Balance was a fun pursuit as a child, a rush of victory and a burst of laughter. Trying to find balance in my life as a Mom and wife has been a somewhat more challenging venture worthy of the richer rewards. The bursts of laughter and rushes of victory are harder to appreciate, but they still come.

I'm reading an utterly engrossing book by David Suzuki called, The Sacred Balance - Rediscovering Our Place in Nature. I imagine many of my Canadian friends recognize the name David Suzuki and it may bring to mind his old TV series - The Nature of Things. As a kid I had to sit through countless episodes of his show with my Dad, who adored shows about animals, oceans, and natural wonders of the world. Me, not so much, but I persevered through the ho…

Thought of the day

Surfacing from a long day of editing. Seeing stars and red ink and reams of work ahead of me...but found this in my travels today and it made me stop and think about the world I may be creating with my spending:
Dude I had an instant flashback to a day not so long ago where I purchased McDonald's drive-thru and nail polish. Check out that classy world, eh? [shameful head shake]

Friday - Week in Review

I'm going to try to take more photos of regular life this year. Regular life photos are blurry, show my messy house, are sometimes posed, have red eye, but they tell a story about what the day to day living in the house feels like...we'll see how that goes. Hopefully this will become a regular Friday thing. Here are some snapshots from this past week:Projects for Singing Time at church fill my studio. Really need to find a new storage solution for all the paper that is created and reused in this calling. As you can see from the above photo - it was a perfectly ordinary looking pizza prior to being cooked. But when it came out it had this yeast boil on it. So big that meat and cheese just slunk off it's enormous girth! The second pizza had a similar, yet smaller tumorous bulge. Tasted good though!Went visiting teaching - ya us! Sadly our gal forgot we were coming. Good thing I mad cute handouts and stuffed them in a hockey card holder. Here's a shot of how Roo…

SIX years

I'm a little baffled that this blog has been going for 6 years! SIX YEARS PEOPLE. Holy Cow. I'm a little gobsmacked over this one. So here's a blog post made way back in 2004 and it's still true today:

One Saturday when I was about 11, I couldn't find a friend to accompany me to a movie I wanted to see. "Go by yourself," my Grandmother commanded. I did. And I walked home alone, too, taking long, empty side streets where I found myself reflecting on the story I'd just seen, mimicking the characters' accents and mouthing their lines. That day I realized that I could have fun all by myself.

It was a valuable lesson, one that I've had to learn again and again. Like everyone else, I've sometimes equated being alone with being unchosen. But each time I embrace solitude-whether by reading a book, taking myself out to lunch or writing-I've learned that I can choose myself. And when I do, I discover something powerful about myself: the abilit…

Crazy for Hobbits

Anyone watch biggest loser? I don't know what this contestants real name is, but I call him Frodo:
And for that reason alone, Frodo is my favorite contestant this year. Go FRODO!

Bullets of stuff

This early winter, spring like weather is kind of great. I am loving the sunshine and don't feel like such a shut in when warm sunshine is filtering through the house.
Roopert goes searching for sunny patches of carpet like a cat, plopping himself down and soaking up the rays.
Busy evenings studying with Kia - chemistry of all things. I know as much as a 5th grader on the topic and no more. I think my neighbor across the street is having her twins! A boy and a excited for them.
Horrible nightmare the other night. It was one of those dreams that are vivid and life-like. It was a regular day and I was down here on the computer. I heard a rustling sound and turned to find a rotting corpse sitting on the office chair beside me, bloody, eyes was so alarming I woke up gasping.
On a "feels like spring but isn't" cleaning blitz. Not that you can tell. I'm getting nowhere visually.
Kia used to have "play dates" now friends come "over&…

V Day is a comin'!

I think these would make a great project for the kids and a fun goodie for Valentines. There are lots of tutorials online regarding the making of Oreo Suckers but my favorite is found here at How Does More ideas found here at sugarcraft.

Totally plan on heart attacking Kia's bedroom door this year.

Kia is making fortune cookie valentine's for the boys in her class and these for the girls. It's fun to see how valentine day evolves with age.

Can't forget the big guy! Russ you can't click on this link okay! PROMISE ME. I thought this little list compiled at loveactually had some great ideas and I was thinking I may steal a few of them to do throughout the week. I also liked some of the ideas shared through the above link, as little goodies for friends, Kia's teacher and gals I visit teach.

And for all those that wanted a reminder - Photo valentines of your kids are awesome! Every time I've made one for Kia - her class and teachers have loved them.

Don't turn out the light

The power went out again last night. What is it with Sunday's and underground electrical transformers dying? Another one bit the dust last night and the power was out from 5:00pm to 11:00pm in our tiny corner of Glen Allan. The weather is currently really mild, so there was no fear of us freezing to death like the last time. In fact the roast in the oven was done, so we even had a nice warm meal to enjoy (minus gravy and yorkshire pudding - boo).

A few things I've learned from our recent power outages.
Power outages always seem to strike at night. Murphy's law I guess.
Make sure you have a usable phone hooked up in the house. That usually means the corded, no battery required kind. Those lovely portable ones we all have don't work in a power outage. Cell phones are great, but our neighbors rarely have our cell numbers, so a working home phone line is very helpful, as I had 3 calls from my neighbor last night about the outage. Know where you keep your flashlights an…

What do you say?

Kia was watching CNN with us this morning (the images were overwhelming) and suddenly ran to her room and returned with her money that she has been saving for an iPod. She has decided to donate every last penny she has to Haiti relief efforts. That's my girl.

How blessed my little family is in the face of such devastation, we have so much...too much...

And Swagday is born

My new calling at church is quite possibly the most fun you can have at church and not get in trouble for doing it. Everyone keeps asking me if I like it. I LOVE it. It actually has got me thinking I should consider going back and teaching preschool again. I love planning and preparing things that will help the kids learn and that has reminded me of all the things I enjoyed about being a preschool teacher. Maybe it's the bloom of a new gig, but I can't think of a calling in church I have relished more.

I spent an hour lounging on the couch last night before supper looking at my quilting and sewing magazines that I scored over Christmas. Santa set me up good in my stocking this year with quilting goodness. Sew it All is by far my favorite sewing mag and it's brand spanking new. Lots of doable ideas and projects and a great resource for the basics.

In fact I am so jam packed with project ideas that all I need now are more hours in the day - I think I may invent an 8th day of …

No Spend Experience

I decided in December that I wanted to try the "no-spend" challenge that has been discussed throughout the internet over the past year and I wanted to do it in January of the new year. I haven't really mentioned to anyone in my immediate family that this is something I'm trying to do, and truly I'm not following it to the letter of the law, but I am mindful of it. The only real purchase I made this month was for some craft supplies for a singing time project I was doing and then I also took advantage of a sale for Valentines goodies - again to be used for singing time to the tune of $20 bucks total.

I've learned a few things about my spending habits and it's only day 12...

1) When my house is a disaster, I tend to want to buy something new for it, rather than clean it. This is not helpful in the cleaning process and adds more to the disaster factor. It's been a struggle for me to manage this little house of mine in the way I would like to. Retail …

Attack of Anonymous

Due to some really nasty comments left by an anonymous blog surfer out there, I've disabled comments on my blog for the time being...perhaps permanently. Shaking head over this one.

THE ultimate Tutorial list

Image from The Long Thread site.

Calling all seamstresses and wannabes! The Long Thread website has a fab list of the 100 top tutorials for 2009. A huge resource for so many fab projects you didn't know you wanted to make. Like this boat tote, a spa set complete with eye mask and therapeutic neck wrap, felt food - a must for little ones, the sweetest felt eye glass case, bunny bowling set (so cute), not to mention a non sewing tutorials for cake stands that I love. Plus 90 some more I haven't even checked out yet.

Photo Update

It's hard to not get in trouble for sharing photos of extended family, they all call image control on themselves! I'm the say way, so I get it. But hopefully, I won't get in any trouble for sharing these and if I do, my only excuse is: I share because I care. To make it less painful, I'll only share tiny images, K? Plus, they were all taken with what can only be described as the crappiest camera in the world, so blame it on my Fuji point and shoot.

Here is a collage of Christmas at home with Grandma and Grandpa visiting.

Why my tree isn't down...

I wanted it down on Monday. It is now Thursday, still up.

There is a long list of things that need to happen before I can do it:
The Christmas treat table must come down. Problem. Still have Christmas treats on table. Where to put them all? My house has no storage. Toss or eat. Probably eat while tossing. Once the table is emptied it must be taken back upstairs to the sewing room, which has been doubling as a guest room over Christmas but probably is good to go as a sewing room for the rest of the year. Maybe I should call this room the S'west room? No matter the moving of the table, requires effort, I'm low on effort. Once the table is moved it will reveal a hidden pluthora of pop, and Superstore boxes filled with kitchen items my MIL didn't know where to put while she was helping in the kitchen. This requires effort and cupboard organization. Then I have to go out to the garage - into the freezing weather - and pull the Christmas boxes up off the freezing floor and bring t…

Like a crazy person that will bore the snot out of you.

Out, out damn spot kind of crazy has taken me over today. I can't even begin to make it sound interesting and exciting. I totally get it if you don't give a hoot, it's just all I have to report on. Kia's playroom has order again and my studio is well on it's way to living up to it's title. I've been pulling boxes from the storage area behind the furnace and dejunking boxes (slow and steady). Man, we have alot of stuff we don't need. How do I get a Room of Requirement for my house? Somebody email JK Rowling for me.

Some more boring details: I've been organizing craft boxes that have been taken to Cubs, or Mutual, brought home and never dealt with. It took ages to unpack them and put everything back where it belongs or repackage, recycle or harder yet, locate where the 'rest' of it was. Russ has a box the size of a 10 year old child that he inherited with his Cub calling. It sits in his office - and sadly, it is filled with nothing useful. I do…

2010 Word

Hands down, the easiest word choice yet. Edit may just be my word for life. It's a word that is all about refining; refining who you are, what you do, where you live, trying to simplify yet at the same time communicate something meaningful. Please, share your word choice for the upcoming year!