The Zoo

I've slacked on my sharing of photos and experiences with you. I loved the San Diego zoo...crazy loved it. The gardens! The interesting animals! The weather, the not being cold. We ended up being there on the day the new baby panda was named. Chinese tradition is honored at the zoo and Panda's are given a name on the 100th day of life.Ya, the panda's rock.The Koala's also rock, and they are's kinda impossible to not get a few dozen great shots of them. Taking this photo kinda freaked me out because he was right on the other side of what was hopefully extremely strong glass and he kinda stared right at me with his ears back in a ticked off sort of way. Gulp. I have a shot with teeth, but I'm not ready to revisit the experience, still too soon. :)
Here's where the kids will run to the computer and ask, "Mommy what are those two alligators doing?" I'll let you fill them on the details.
The hippos and all their water chunk.
I have so many photos of giraffes. Giraffes by themselves, in groups, eating, chewing, standing, stretching. I was giraffe snap happy!
Can you spot the elephant? And if you say me I will do you harm! I'm not bothered that I manage to dwarf the world's largest four legged mammal in this photo at all.
I truly have soooo many more, but now at least I don't feel bad about withholding them. If you ever have the chance to go to the San Diego Zoo, do it. It's a beautiful way to spend the day.

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