Time Out for Christmas

Well, it's 5:45am and I'm up, Russ is miserable with sinus pain and the fridge needs to be cleaned in preparation of all the bounty it will be holding over the next few days. Feels like Christmas! My slow seasonal shuffle, that has done quite nicely over the past week, needs to be kicked up a notch in preparation of some possible Christmas visitors we're expecting tonight or tomorrow. Here's what we've been up to:
  • Kia has opened a doggy daycare in her playroom, and yesterday spent the day with Roopert in "training". He seemed to have enjoyed it as we kept finding him in the penned area awaiting a doggy treat of some kind even when no one was there.
  • We all have the sniffles. Even Roopert. The doggy daycare is big on kleenex and Miss Kia sneezed well over a hundred times the other day, which may be a personal best for her.
  • Russ changed the dryer hose for me last night. Wow. That thing was in bad shape (can you say fire hazard?) I'm looking forward to faster dryer times. Now you may wonder why I blog crap like this, but seriously it is how I keep track of this stuff. In a year or two I can search my own blog for "dryer hose" and find out when the thing was last installed. I totally get that you could care less about stuff like this. :)
  • I think it's finally stopped snowing. I'm all for a white Christmas, but when it could possibly leave me and my loved ones in traction from excessive snow removal, it's probably a good sign that it's white enough!
  • Our Christmas puzzle is no where near done! It's sitting on a puzzle mat under the Christmas tree and we best make some headway today or there will be no room for presents.
  • I'm still decorating the house for Christmas. I have a pile of greenery and white lights that has been sitting in the Den for 3 weeks. Today's the day! (seriously this year is strange for decorating)
Well, that's life, at least what I can remember. I'm going to sign off for a couple days, and enjoy the season with my little band of Kleenex bandits. I know Christmas can be a hard time for many of you. Loneliness, financial burdens, job loss, tragedy, illness and more still exist around Christmas time. May you find some peace and comfort, through whatever battles you may find yourself fighting this Christmas season. You are loved, by the Man whose birth we celebrate, and through Him, true peace, comfort and joy can be found. Merry Christmas!

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